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  1. Finnish Swede

    My metal guitar

    I was playing metal for long time (as one person asked). This is pretty thin guitar ... I just do not like tone of it much (same with all of these ''modern Humbucker guitars''). If I would put strats S-S-S pickups into this, who knows I could use it more often.
  2. Finnish Swede

    If I could use 3000euros for guitar...

    I would buy Duesenberg Joe Walsh model... Gretsch + Rickenbacker + Hofner = Duesenberg?
  3. Finnish Swede

    Gretsch g5422g-12

    Hello, I noticed that Gretsch has published this kind of guitar. Does anyone here have one these or at least tested/played one in music shop? Personal feeling/opinions?
  4. Finnish Swede

    Anybody tested NutBuster?

    See the video: PS: I guess more expensive guitars with bigsbys have often roller bridges? Something one should consider as update?
  5. Finnish Swede

    Sorry for asking....

    But are Guild guitars someway close to Gretsch?
  6. Finnish Swede

    Have you been nice 2020 ... did Santa visit your place :)?

    I got two gifts ... but I'm happy with both of these. For skating: I hoped these based on hers review. VATuQbWLeQc For photography: This is tiny lens (very sharp and light). With wide angle lens like this manual focus is just fine. kK9jiXIAwz8 So nothing for playing ... but my Gretsch is...
  7. Finnish Swede

    Guitarworld's pole: Young guitarist of year 2020

    14 years old Finn boy won that title (guitarists under 17 years old). Here is his own song (shortened version of competition song)
  8. Finnish Swede

    Single cut vs double cut?

    I might have mistaken, but someway got a feeling that single cut Electromatics could be more popular/common than the double cut versions? Or am I mistaken? If that is true, I wonder what might be the main reasons for that? Just traditions (single cuts looks more ''Gretsch) or will single cut...
  9. Finnish Swede

    Happy Santa Lucia Day to all!

    (I value this tradition; I was voted for Santa Lucia once)
  10. Finnish Swede

    Gretsch G5232T vs Gretsch G5441T?

    Has anyone compared these 2 models against each others? Or have opinion of them (equal or is one better than another)? What I have found out: G5232T is produced in Chine, G5441T is produced in South Korea G5232T has chambered mahogany body, G5441T has chambered lime (wood) body G5232T has...
  11. Finnish Swede

    Not very common?

    Ever seen bigsby in st body :p?
  12. Finnish Swede

    Hello to All

    Hi, I'm newbie here. I just signed in. I decided to do that as I'm wondering to buy my first Gretsch guitar (I have Strats and Ibanez S). I would like to ask what are the differences between two models of Gretsch guitars: Gretsch G5232T and Gretsch G5441T * First one is solid body...

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