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    The option to dial between American & British crunch is cool, especially with the gain up. It's odd (to me) to discuss tone that way but it definitely changes the personality of the amp in what seems like a more organic way than just messing with the mids on the EQ. I landed at 3 o'clock, almost...
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    Acquired a Blackstar HT5-R in red tolex. Thought it was an mkii but was mistaken. Not sure if it's a keeper, but the cleans are very clean and the od channel is very versatile.
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    5120 upgrade ideas, experiences, thoughts?

    I had a 2008 5120 in Orange while back. They're great modding platforms. I went with GFS Surf 90s in white, added a white pickguard, upgraded the wiring and pots, added a stainless compton bridge, and, most importantly, a Jack Plate! The guitar sounded MUCH better but wasn't what I was after...
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    Fake Chris Cheney model?

    Looks good to me!
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    What piece of gear did you get twice?

    Does this count?
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    considering replacing 5420t pickups, any alternatives besides tv jones?

    Gretsch HS Filter'trons. You can grab a set on for about $100.
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    Gauging the "Jet-Set"

    I don't have a Jet (yet) but I have two CVTs strung with D'Addario EXL-110s (10s). I tried 11s, I tried 9s. I like 10s.
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    One solid, one hollow; favorite pickups for variety?

    That is a solid formula.
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    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    The G6119-T Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose was in production from about 1999-2015, before "Players Edition" and "Vintage Select" were in the Gretsch vocabulary.. Mine is from 2013. At the time, this was unique among the Gretsch FIlter'Tron equipped hollow bodies as it has a tone pot instead of a mud...
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    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    This one: No mods needed. Though I DO love a sweet CVT.
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    5 electromatics returned

    I can imagine any type of craft / assembly operation that experiences massive and continual staff turnover over a period of 2-3 years would absolutely exhibit quality issues with their product. In 20-30 years, those of us still on this forum may be discussing the early 20s Electromatics as the...
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    Shoe culture in the United States?

    Wally is a Golden Retriever of the "English Cream" variety. At 9 weeks, he's decided he is the Alpha. Here he is with our 8 year old Lab, Brady, shortly after he stole his bed.
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    Shoe culture in the United States?

    We take our shoes off but now we have to hide them because NEW PUPPY DAY:
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    What are the signs of too little or too much humidity?

    Living in Las Vegas means humidity rarely gets above 30%. I found guitars with solid wood tops in particular need to be kept in cases with some kind of humidification system. The low humidity ruined a Recording King parlor guitar that I quite liked - the top of the guitar shrunk and cratered...
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    Should Gretsch release an Electromatic Billy Bo Poll

    I agree with this 100%. I'd also like to see a reissue of the Astro-Jet, and I'm probably one of a handful of people who would buy a reissue TK300. I'd still like to see how Gretsch/FMIC would produce a less expensive version of the Billy-Bo.
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    Strings installed incorrectly?

    I can't make out a floating bridge base in the pic so, assuming the bridge is stud mounted, the guitar is probably a solid body or center block model. The tension bar is intended to create the correct break angle over the bridge to keep strings from popping out of saddles and theoretically...
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    What strings would you put on your Gretsch?

    I use EXL115 on my 24" scale guitars and EXL110 on 25.5" scale. I try strings from other manufacturers now and again and always go back to D'Addario. They never disappoint. ( YMMV )
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    Is Gretsch Pages still online or what?

    The Wayback Machine archived it. The forum isn't current (of course) but the guitar database is intact as of 4/21/2021
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    Gretsch launches dazzling duo of limited-edition Players Edition Sparkle Jets

    I don't mind the tension bar as much as I'm bothered by the gold hardware 😬 I"d chose the VS model:
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    Just got my dream CS Gretsch. Few questions??

    It's your guitar regardless of who built it or how much it cost so if you want a Bigsby I think you should do it. If you're viewing it as more of an investment than a player but still want a Bigsby, why not contact Gretsch Custom Shop and ask them to add it?
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    Jack White playing a Rancher with Ricky Scaggs & Ashley Monrow

    Wow - I haven't felt compelled to buy new music for years until I heard this. Thanks, Tavo!
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    What do you consider your best sounding Gretsch?

    Today it's this one. Gretsch had a winner with Super HiLo'Trons.
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    Pretty pictures

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    Pretty pictures

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