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  1. SaltyDog

    Subterranean Sick of Home Blues

    Sung to the tune of, and vaguely rhyming with Bob Dylan's "Corrina Corrina" : Corona corona, why you here so long? Corona corona, bug why you here so long? I been dreamin' 'bout a vaccine Tired of stayin' at home I got a nose that wheezes, I got a throat that stings I got a nose that...
  2. SaltyDog

    Sad News

    John Prine critically ill with coronavirus:
  3. SaltyDog

    Neck Damage?

    The manual for my G6122tfm warns of having all the strings removed at the same time because of possible neck damage. But I recall having them all off on my Tennessee Rose to oil the fretboard, and the neck was just fine. Has anyone experienced neck damage from having all the strings removed...
  4. SaltyDog

    Why 5 Ply?

    Whilst playing my g2420t and marvelling once again at the very low action attainable on this beauty, I began to ponder the construction of it. The top, of course, is a 5 ply. And I began to wonder why. I would think it would be a cost saving measure for Gretsch to make all of their guitars...
  5. SaltyDog

    NAD - A Real Cutie

    Thanks to monetary holiday gifts from some generous kiddos, I bought a new Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle. (Yes, that's how they spell it). Of course, I had to get the not-so-limited edition with British racing green covering. Hooked it up for the first time today, and was genuinely surprised at...
  6. SaltyDog

    It's Two! Two! Two Treats In One!

    I think Andy Cox (guitarist) and David Steele (bassist) of the Fine Young Cannibals had a good idea - combining the joy of making music and the benefits of physical exercise at the same time:
  7. SaltyDog

    Did We Ever Decide?...

    ...which is the best type of pot for which control? If memory serves (which would be a first), the volume should be an audio taper, and tone should be linear. Isn't this the setup Gretsch uses? I want to upgrade the pots in my new Electromatic to CTS.
  8. SaltyDog

    Jeff Beck

    Saw an interesting documentary last night on Showtime about Jeff Beck, featuring recollections and insights from Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood and Eric Clapton among others. He's a musical maverick who coaxed unique nuances out of his guitars. (He also builds some good lookin' hot rods).
  9. SaltyDog

    Dumb Question Number 347

    I know from experience that a solid spruce top is a wonderful thing on an acoustic guitbox. And I understand that resonant tops are much desired on hollow and semi-hollow body electrics. But on those electrics, how are the vibrations of the tops transferred to the pickups? Are they felt by...
  10. SaltyDog

    Fret Wire

    Many moons ago someone told me Dunlap makes the hardest fret wire. If that be true, I'm guessing that's what they use on Gibsons. It seems to me that frets on Gibsons don't wear as quickly as others. On the major-make guitars I've had, the order of longest lasting frets are: 1 - Gibson...
  11. SaltyDog

    Busking Guitar

    Looking for 6-string acoustic beater? ...
  12. SaltyDog

    String Shelf Life

    It's time to restring my Tele and Strat. And on a shelf behind some clutter, I found a few sets of D'Addario XLs, nickel wound. However, I guesstimate they have been sitting there for about nine years, give or take. Do nickel wounds go dull over time? Would it be a waste of time to put them on?
  13. SaltyDog

    Strat Pickup Recommendations?

    I loves me some Gibson P-90. And I'm looking for a Strat-style pickup for my Parts-O-Caster that will come as close as possible to the sound of a P-90. Any recommendations?
  14. SaltyDog

    Now I REALLY Hate Parkinson's Disease

    Never a big fan of diseases, but now ... ooohh ... you better ... why I oughta' ... c'mere!!! ... Being a few years old, this article isn't exactly ripped from today's headlines, but I just came across it. This disease has kept my favorite voice ever from singing again. A voice that could...
  15. SaltyDog

    If You Like Diminished Chords...

    Inspired by ZackyDog's recent posting of vintage British music, I thought I'd add the one I was enjoying earlier this afternoon. I miss the strings that were on the studio version, but this ain't too bad. Really, officer, the similarity between my screen name and the name of this song is a...
  16. SaltyDog

    Hmmm ...

    :rolleyes:, ;), :o, :confused:.
  17. SaltyDog

    This Year's Super Bowl Rings Unveiled

    New England's Championship Rings:
  18. SaltyDog

    Got an Email Today

    Got an email from the forum today wishing me a happy birthday. First and foremost, I am NOT soliciting happy birthday wishes from you guys. But it got me wondering when they cease to be sent. How does the forum know when a member has reached his expiration date? (Which shouldn't be that...
  19. SaltyDog

    Ishtar, Get to Bed

    Ishtar, get to bed! It's late!
  20. SaltyDog

    Just Another You Tube Video

    One of the many reasons why I love Joni, but you may be interested in the drummer ... or should I say percussionist - Mister Brian Blade: Joni Mitchell - Harry's House - YouTube
  21. SaltyDog

    Happy Birthday RepentOrPerish

    The happiest of birthdays to you, Tony... ya' old fart. Keep on rockin'!
  22. SaltyDog

    No Gretsch content, but ...

    If you dig Led Zepp, remember the Kennedy Center Honors a couple of years ago? ... Led Zeppelin - The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors 2012 - YouTube
  23. SaltyDog

    Always Liked Saxophones

    Think I'll take up the saxophone. This guitar thing ain't working out too well.
  24. SaltyDog

    Shocking Super Bowl

    That was the most shocking and historic Super Bowl I've ever watched. Not because of the game itself, but because Bob Dylan appeared in a commercial. Now, if he was ever going to sell out, I assumed it would be for a cause that he felt fervently about, and somehow it would make the world a...
  25. SaltyDog

    Stage Names

    How many of you use stage names? If I were a performer, I think my name would be Walter Ego.

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