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  1. nandom

    HiLo Tron pup

    Hello: I would like to ask fr some help here.... would anybody know were to buy the pup screw (the ones that hold the pup in place .... 2 per pup), for the HiLo Tron's??? They have a bit smaller head than the Regular Filtertrons.... also anybody has the measurements for the nut on a...
  2. nandom

    Pick up needed!

    Hi everyone! I am in need of a pickup for my HS... I have been looking around (including EBay) and I can't just get one! I think ( almost sure) this is a DeArmond pickup.....Could anyone here help me finding one, or maybe someone here has one for sale? I would like very much to take care of...
  3. nandom

    Duo jet g6128tsp

    Hi everyone.... big hello from Canada! I have a couple Gretsch guitars ( a Country Gen and a Tennessean) and just purchased a Duo Jet, not knowing much about them.... anyway, I was interested in the one with the "hump back" fret markers.... the model is G6128 T S P!! Could anyone tell me...

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