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  1. Lee Erickson

    Home for the Holidays USPS

    I think the guitar part is particularly well played and sweet on this. Happy Holidays everyone! Lee
  2. Lee Erickson

    Aussies - What is String Space?

    This video was dropped in a previous post: I like it a lot. But who are these people? I just don't understand. Lee
  3. Lee Erickson

    Latest Phone Scam

    Just had a guy call me to help me with internet security. He insisted that I should make a new connection so he could "help" me. Don't do it! Lee
  4. Lee Erickson

    Gretsch - Wilson Pickett

    Stumbled on this really good Wilson Pickett concert while considering "Who sez... Gretsch... " thread. Here's the whole concert, Mainly for Wilson Pickett fans: Lee
  5. Lee Erickson

    youtube stuff

  6. Lee Erickson

    youtube stuff

  7. Lee Erickson

    Greg Koch

    Greg Koch is doing a clinic at Dave's in LaCrosse, WI. April 17th. If don't you know Greg, I'm sorry. Here's clip for the uninitiated: Greg at Muriel's Festival Lee
  8. Lee Erickson

    Edit Button - How Long?

    I found a typing error in a 2-day old post. No edit button. The FAQ just says that there may be a timeout on edits, but does not say how long. thanks, Lee
  9. Lee Erickson

    Magna Vibe Tremolo Pedal

    I bought Diggey's Bigfoot FX Magna Vibe tremolo pedal. This pedal is meant to duplicate the tremolo circuit from the mid '60s Magnatone amps. This amp was used by Lonnie Mack and Robert Ward back in the day to get at the Leslie speaker warble, but without the moving van! Here's a Lonnie...
  10. Lee Erickson

    G400-G6040 fans and everyone else

    I'm real happy with my G400CV. I'm never quite sure how to explain the experience, but Mike Wilkins (gwaam) over on the GDP has posted a couple of videos that get real close to the heart of the matter. BYv9u-yOvQM and v4K9knzivXg I think the G6040 vs they vintage G6120 is especially...
  11. Lee Erickson

    Member Timeout

    I've tried to post a couple of short, but well thought out posts on delicate subjects. These aren't easy and it takes me a bit of time to compose them. Anyway, is there a timeout on logins? And, if so, How long? Lee
  12. Lee Erickson

    Lee Erickson

    Hi! I've joined to catch up on the Northwoods Jam. It's run by Gretsch-Talk member Jukebox. I can recommend this event because I attended Northwoods Jam I. I'm a long time guitar player, starting in the late 1950's. Except for a brief time when I was in high school and college (1962-1970)...

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