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  1. VictoriaDD59

    NGD: Build '62 Custom Telecaster type double bound black

    Dang! That reminds me of Pete Anderson’s old ‘59 Esquire in black with double binding. Looks awesome!
  2. VictoriaDD59

    Thoughts on Compression Pedal

    I love my 2 knob Keeley for slow ballad country and alt country stuff. Sometimes I turn it on for chicken pickin country stuff with my Tele too. But I set mine very subtle.
  3. VictoriaDD59

    Blonde Bassman (vintage) help

    The power transformer pictured part number 022814 is the same as part as the 125P7D which appeared at the end of the Blondes and beginning of the BF era. I see it’s a ‘66, but why change it for a modern part? It’s only converting AC to DC. I’ve never heard anyone talk about tonal effects of a...
  4. VictoriaDD59

    Blonde Bassman (vintage) help

    So back to it... Is the 125A13A the only “magical” blonde output transformer or is the ‘61 125A5A transformer also “magical”?
  5. VictoriaDD59

    Blonde Bassman (vintage) help

    So I’ve been looking to acquire a vintage 6G6-B Bassman head, preferably with all original iron and without issues. Maintenance and retolex doesn’t bother me either as I’m a player. I’ve noticed some transformer anamolies in these. Things where the date codes match up but the transformer...
  6. VictoriaDD59

    Why aren’t filtertrons more popular?

    I don’t care for Filtertron loaded Gretsch guitars, I prefer TV Jones T’Armonds in my Duo Jet DSV and 6120 DSW. I actually prefer the Filtertrons on a Tele. They sound glorious in a Swamp Ash Tele body with some steel saddles tuned down a 1/2 step. Massive and large. I get more compliments...
  7. VictoriaDD59

    Talk to me about Dynasonics

    I absolutely love T’Armonds, I usually use them for clean guitar sounds like mid 50’s rockabilly or even backing a singer / songwriter on ballad numbers. I don’t mind them with mild overdrive, but I don’t like them heavily overdriven or distorted. To me they’re like a great cross of clarity...
  8. VictoriaDD59

    Gigging amps

    For gigging amps I use 30 watts minimum for full band shows, meaning AC30, usually a 50 watt Louis Electric KR12 that has an incredible master volume. For singer/songwriter backup stuff I have a Princeton Reverb type and a Tweed Tremolux type amp. I don’t like little amps “cranked”, to me they...
  9. VictoriaDD59


    I believe the Sarno Earth Drive sounds fantastic for alt country and Americans tones, it’s also great for slightly broken up rockabilly tones. It’s the most natural OD pedal I’ve ever used or heard. As for delay, I find the DM-2w to be fantastic and very versatile and it’s a real analog delay...
  10. VictoriaDD59

    MIJ VS or CS Duo Jet?

    This is great advice! I started with a Gretsch 6120DSW and then after about 7 years I found a Duo Jet 6128DSv, then I upgraded them both to T’Armonds and Tru Arc aluminum bridges after playing them both for a while. They are tone machines and lack NOTHING. I’ve never played a custom shop...
  11. VictoriaDD59

    I think BOSS is becoming relevent again

    I’ve had a TU-2 forever. Currently had a DM2-W for slapback delay as well. They make very tank like products that do their job. Never like any of their OD pedals or their tremolo pedal
  12. VictoriaDD59

    NGD - Supro Jamesport

    Tune it to Open D and bust out the slide, Bo Ramsey approved
  13. VictoriaDD59

    G6128T-CLFG vs G6128T-DSV - any experience?

    DSV kicks ass! I love mine! It weighs 6.5 lbs, the neck is lightning fast with that nitro and I put in T'Armonds and a Tru Arc aluminum bridge.
  14. VictoriaDD59

    Speaker advice

    Jupiter 12LC, because Swart amps I believe are voiced a little darker, correct? My experience is limited to an AST I played in a store and a friend's 5w model. I love the Scumback M 75 one of my favorite speakers, but it doesnt sound nice in a dark amp. Its perfect in a Deluxe Reverb though...
  15. VictoriaDD59

    Paul Burlison VS Grady Martin

    Well, I may as well jump back in too... just to add this... Grady Martin.
  16. VictoriaDD59

    What is Nick Curran playing?

    It was a King guitar, straight from Nick at his last show in Des Moines. I was a big fan and we emailed often. It was supposed to be a signature model, but it never happened because they went out of business and he died. He told me the bridge pickup was a TV Jones, but I dont remember what...
  17. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    Which is why my main guitar is a Telecaster...
  18. VictoriaDD59

    need a new delay pedal

    I'd recommend the Aqua Puss reissue. I love the slapback tone. I dialed mine in to sound like my old EP-3. Its about 95% same to my ears. Lately on my mini pedal board for my alt country band I've been using a Boss DM2w and its excellent for old country sounds and it also plays well with...
  19. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    Its the perfect pair for me. I get sweetness and alnico sparkle from the P12Q and clarity and low end thump / volume from the C12N. Ive trielots of times to use something else and always come back to this. I am considering a P12N reissue to replace thebP12Q
  20. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    Nope 2x12, one reissue p12q and one reissue C12N, love that combo
  21. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    Room is not ,"echoey". As for "turn down the bass", its a single tone control amp. I was plugged into the bright channel with volume at 4, tone at 7. SHO knob was at 11 o'clock. Its not always a problem, but it comes up enough that id like to fix it if I can.
  22. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    The problem comes in, when we are playing a slower song or a ballad and I hit an open cord and let the strings ring out. The neck pickup the other night was totally not usable, which is very frustrating and very limiting. The bridge and middle are my favorite positions but it is nice to change...
  23. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    Strings vibrating, and the guitar vibrating. Not squealing.
  24. VictoriaDD59

    Feedback issue - 6120 DSW

    So I love my 6120, but at times its really a "problem child". Its a 2005 model with a Tru-Arc Aluminum bridge and T'Armonds installed. Bridge is still floating. In really high heat and humidity it goes out of tune. I was playing with my country rock band the other night and noticed it would...
  25. VictoriaDD59

    How Much Does Your Duo Jet Weigh?

    My new (to me) 2005 Gretsch 6128T-DSV weighs in at 6 lbs 13 oz, light as a feather!

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