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  1. Leobeat

    Some corvette III owners there?

    I want to hear opinions about the new Corvette III, are here some owners or somebody has tested one of this?, what do you think about it?. Somebody thinking about a pickups combination mod?...Sounds practical and simple think about the stock 3 pickups, 3 posibilities setup, but maybe some...
  2. Leobeat

    Somebody living in Sardegna, Italy?

    Hi, I´m looking for somebody living in sardegna, Italy, for some advice about music stores or dealers in the area selling gretsch guitars. I have a brother in law in Alghero and I´m thinking about ask him to buy a lefty G5434 for me there :D. (not available in my country :mad:). Txs for your...
  3. Leobeat

    Hi again!

    Hi everybody!, it´s been a looong time since my last visit (almost two years ago!!)..but I´m here again. It could be called "the return of the man without a Gretsch" (still), :D!. Argentinean, lefty player, blah, blah..¿do you remember?. Well, happy to be here again, I´ve posted a new photo...
  4. Leobeat

    I need to idetify this model!

    Hi, can somebody help me identifying this model of synchromatic series?, it looks like a junior jet II, but with gretschbuckers (?) instead mini humbuckers, (I think). ¿what about its quality?. Txs in advance!. pics:
  5. Leobeat

    My lefty corvette project?

    Yeah, now I´m shure!, my leftyness is driving me crazy :D. so I´ve been playing a little of "photoshop" with this 5135!. Well it looks really weird (ugly?) :eek: , but could be a solution!, a little cut here,..some routing there,.....sand paper everywhere,... a new refinishing...a symetrical...
  6. Leobeat

    still waiting for a Gretsch!

    Hi, again boys and girls!, I´ts been a long, long time since I wrote my last post/thread, and I´m keep searching still. I´ve tesded the 5122, , just wonderful, but (I´m lefty, do you remember?) it´s not confortable in a reversed position and I don´t want to ruin her finishing changing pots...
  7. Leobeat

    Jackson model identification needed!

    Hi, can somebody help me to identify this Jackson?. (the pic is a bit little, but...) I´m interested in opinions about this guitar too. Thanks in advance!
  8. Leobeat

    web site for bands/musicians

    Hi, everybody!. I´m starting to develop a website pointed to connect, join, promote musicians and bands and facilitate collaboration between musicians.I really want to hear some suggestions, ideas, opinions, etc. Perhaps the concept isn´t new at all, I would like to offer a different approach...
  9. Leobeat

    Just to say: Thanks a lot!

    Well, this is not about problems at all, just to say txs a lot to all members and owners of I´m here since march and I really love this forum :), You make me feel like we are talking "face to face" in every post, very comfortable and friendly people, always ready to give a...
  10. Leobeat

    I´ve found the CG of my dreams...

    Yes, but she´ll be mine just in my dreams!:GRETSCH COUNTRY CLASSIC II 6122 (1962) LH....... U$S 5000.- :( I´m seriously thinking about a bank robbery, or maybe a web site called "buy me a CG", or "the U$S 5000 page" :D
  11. Leobeat

    I love Ricks a lot, but....!

    I just been dreaming about own a Rickenbacker as I did about own a Gretsch, fortunately the Gretsch Electromatic series lets my dreams come true (in a few months, I hope, gonna buy my 5122!). Well, Gretsch isn´t the one and only, some other prestigious brands like Fender, Hofner, Gibson/...
  12. Leobeat

    Look at this "G6119-1962 LH".....COPY!

    Yeh!, almost incredible!, I think, :D:mad:, the owner sells it as a copy, luther made, "using same wood, finish and parts", (but Hilo´s are cloned)...I´m against fakes and copyright violations, but it looks sooooo niiiiice! :):mad:. I know about this luther (high quality works for cover bands)...
  13. Leobeat


    Hi, boys and girls: Lately I´m very tempted to commit a sacrilege!, see, I´m an old fashioned guy, but, I´ve heard a variax 500, ( you know about this guitar, for sure, I´ve seen some posts here). when I saw it for the first time said "that ugly thing".:eek:!, is not for...
  14. Leobeat

    Would switching strings damage a hollow body?

    Hi, friends!, what do you think about this: " We don't recommend anyone to switch strings, since bracing, bridges, and tone bar are set up for right-handed players. It is better to play it upside down. Otherwise, it could be harmful to the structure of the guitar". I´ve found this comments on...
  15. Leobeat

    wich one should I choose?

    Hi again, friends, now I have three candidates to buy, and can´t decide!. the first one is the red korean mid 90´s Electromatic double jet (2925s), in excellent condition, : U$S 778.-. Second: a Black Chinese Electromatic Duo Jet, double cutaway G5245T (year 2006) with bigsby. Good condition...
  16. Leobeat

    Korean 90´s electromatic firebird??

    Hi, as I said before, got the chance to buy an electromatic jet firebird double cutaway (the seller says that´s a 6131 Korean 90´s one), but I couldn´t find out anything about this model. can anyone help me to confirm that?, I play a lot of Beatles, who, stuff, could this model works for that...
  17. Leobeat

    Hi from Argentina!

    Hi everybody, As a Beatles fan and player, I´m dreaming about to own a Gretsch, oops!, but I´m a lefty player, so it´s a hard way in my country! (not enough money for a Professional series or Tim Armstrong signature still). Now I´ve got a chance to own a Korean Electromatic jet firebird, (I...

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