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  1. Fat Bastid

    What's the gossip on Ampeg Gemini Combo's???

    Some mentioned this in another thread and peaked my curiosity. A quick search through DuckDuckGo put me onto the Gemini 2 with the 15" Speaker.. Any and all opinions and info on these would be gratefully received!!
  2. Fat Bastid

    I usually don't like Strat Type Guitars but....

    This Vintage Brand V6H ICON Electric Guitar in Distressed Tobacco Sunburst caught my eye.. Must be the HUMBUCKER eh?? They also do it with a paf style pickup.. Also they're available for around £300!!
  3. Fat Bastid

    Favourite 'Top Of The Pops' performances from the 1970's..

    A favourite weekly program on British TV in the 1970's, it's where most of us got a first look at the music that would scar us for a generation.. Especially after your Dad's discouraging comments!!! FUN for ALL the family.. I 'll start with this one...
  4. Fat Bastid

    Gretsch Open Back Tuners in Chrome for Electromatic G5400 Hollow Bodies

    Someone has just started selling these and they are an authorised Gretsch dealer. Are they any good or is it style over substance and have I been seduced by another shiny thing?? They sure are pretty!!!
  5. Fat Bastid

    My 2 P-Basses..

    Fender Mex Precision with scratchplate, pick-up, bridge & nut mods.. Squier Precision with Bridge & Nut mod now on the bench for tortoiseshell pickguard & wiring loom/pots replacement.. P-Basses. by Fat Bastid posted Mar 9, 2021 at 9:38 AM
  6. Fat Bastid

    Streamliner G2622T tone pot replacement with 'Varitone 6 way Switch"..

    The Man in the Shed on eBay here in the UK has made a BB King style Varitone Switch tone pot.. As his wiring loom with CTS pots for J-Bass was so damn good on my VINTAGE VJ74MR ICON BASS, DISTRESSED BLACK, I wondered if...
  7. Fat Bastid

    The DHL Countdown Blues to NGD...

    You are stop number 118 Your driver is on his way to stop number 48
  8. Fat Bastid

    Good Mornin'..

    First Gretsch on it's way to me now.. I'm usually a Telecaster/SG player and wanted something different.. Mostly play in Drop C with FUZZ!! A Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Center Block with Bigsby in Torino Green ordered..