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  1. nadles

    Banjolele Build

    Hi Bugs, I got the tailpiece from eBay from a seller in Melbourne - link below. Its a non adjustable banjo tailpiece. I couldn't find the simpler no knot type in Oz...
  2. nadles

    NBGD: J Mascis JAzzMasTEr!

    Ha ha.. i love the Mascis - very happy with the feel and the stock pickups.
  3. nadles

    NBGD: J Mascis JAzzMasTEr!

    @Stefan Its likely that you will need to rout the pickup cavities to fit JM size pickups I converted a blacktop JM to take JM pickups and rhythm circuit. I had to enlarge the humbucker pickup rout. Here's a link to the thread...
  4. nadles

    What Do You Call Things?

    Ha ha.. I pronounce one word the same as someone form Yonkers :-) May make for a limited conversation :-)
  5. nadles

    What Do You Call Things?

    We have something similar called a Butcher-Boy - unfortunately that wasn't listed as an option.
  6. nadles

    What Do You Call Things?

    Another Aussie most at home in New York, Yonkers or Jersey City. least similar: Spokane, Boise and Salt lake City.
  7. nadles

    Yikes! 37 deg C (98.6 F) in Sydney today

    Too much information ;)
  8. nadles

    Yikes! 37 deg C (98.6 F) in Sydney today

    Ha ha, I'm in Melbourne about 750Km south of Sydney. It only got to 34C today. In fact it's 10pm and still 30. Top temp tomorrow is 20C - our weather is variable to say the least. There is a saying "If you don't like Melbourne's weather - wait a minute".;)
  9. nadles

    Bought my Dream Home...i'm so Blessed!!

    Congratulations Victor. You've certainly got yourself a beautiful home. (I've been away from GT for a while and only saw this thread today!)
  10. nadles

    It Begins - My 5120 Modding Odyssey

    Hi J.S.C. Unfortunately I don't have a close up pic of the Rotary switch with caps. Here's a schematic of what i did. Mine is quiet and doesn't pop when switching between caps. The 10M resisters in parallel with each cap are there to prevent popping and are doing a good job. I find the...
  11. nadles

    Parlor Guitars

    Oh that is nice! The tele pickup and controls suit it. The one I'm looking at is the Spruce model.
  12. nadles

    Parlor Guitars

    Tinman - how do you like the R360SMK? I'm thinking about getting a used one at the moment.
  13. nadles

    Favorite Leonard Cohen Covers

    Jennifer Warnes - First We take Manhattan
  14. nadles

    Feel free to open this thread, by all means

    Congrats ampe. I love the sound and feel of my cognac burst Kingpin. Its the guitar I reach for first when I just want to sit and play. BTW mine smells as well - probably just the sweet smell of Cherry.
  15. nadles

    Anyone going to see The Living End in Boston in November? I'm opening for them!

    Congratulations! The Living End are great. I saw the Living End when they opened for the Stray Cats - that was a great night!
  16. nadles

    What guitar dazzled you with it's beauty?

    Hmm.. That Falcon looks familiar :rolleyes:
  17. nadles

    The Beatles: Eight Days a Week : The Touring Years | Official Uk Teaser Trailer

    +1. I saw it Tuesday night at small local cinema. Wonderful. The Shea Stadium concert was a nice bonus.
  18. nadles

    Worst Cover Songs

    Ronan Keating - Fairytale of New York
  19. nadles

    Eyesight is acting up.

    Good Luck Wayne.
  20. nadles

    My "Knock-Off" Pedalboard

    I like yours better!
  21. nadles

    Prayer and Good wishes for Tavo

    Get well soon Tavo.
  22. nadles

    A trip to the Tropical North

    Close to it :).
  23. nadles

    A trip to the Tropical North

    Maybe we need a travelogue forum. I enjoy the holiday snaps from around the world!
  24. nadles

    A trip to the Tropical North

    Its a fun event. I don't think they held one last year.
  25. nadles

    A trip to the Tropical North

    Sky rail is great, but the Reef is something special.