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  1. mschafft

    Gretsch Guitar Yes Or No

    To Gretsch or not to Gretsch? Is that the question?
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  4. mschafft

    I can’t stand……..

    Have a seat then...
  5. mschafft

    Tuning crack!?

    That's good news! I wouldn't worry then.
  6. mschafft

    Tuning crack!?

    Try feeling with a piece of paper if there's a gap between the top and the bridge.
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  8. mschafft

    Vintage V Neck Profile vs U Profile?

    Not a fan of the V. I wish Gretsch did more medium C profile necks.
  9. Fender Strat Recommended Action.png

    Fender Strat Recommended Action.png

  10. mschafft

    17" May Be Too Much On My Falcon

    In my experience jumbo acoustics can cause shoulder pain depending on posture.
  11. mschafft

    Somebody stop me

    Come on man, stop immediately and ship it to me... ;-)
  12. mschafft


    Looks great
  13. mschafft

    Does It Matter Where It's Made?

    How it's made, with what material and parts, with what experience and tools, how fast, all of that matters. Can it be done anywhere? Probably.
  14. mschafft

    Can I put 10-46 strings on my G5420TG-59 without creating any issues?

    That's the gauge I use on my 5420T too.
  15. mschafft

    Wow really?

    Can't access the page. How much is it now please?
  16. mschafft

    G6118T PE - Talk me out of it!

    Don't buy it, it's too close to perfect and it will kill your GAS !!!
  17. mschafft


  18. mschafft

    New Yorker?

    Looks great but the headstock shape is a bit weird.
  19. mschafft

    NGD - Stunning. “Holy Cow ! ”

    Amazing, no problem with 10-46 on my AO with a good set up (neck angle has to be right).
  20. mschafft

    NGD....took me long enough.

    Congrats! Is the body chambered btw?
  21. mschafft

    Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?

    Yes definitely, I remember playing a Torino Green G2622T when they came out and loving the full C neck profile. I still regret not impusle buying that one...
  22. mschafft

    Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?

    Interesting, quite the opposite with mine: my G2420T has a slim C profile and my G540T more of a medium D. I like them both equally.