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  1. Blister

    TV jones

    All I can say is wow. I got an opportunity today to listen to TV Jones filtertrons up close and personal for the first time in my life. Of course the man that was swinging the ax had plenty of skill the bring out the best. For the majority of my life I've always liked single coils of another...
  2. Blister

    5230 SET UP

    Hi everyone I had to put on new strings on My Guitar so while I was that it I had a friend of mine who is a fantastic guitar technician as well as a fantastic player put strings and did a complete setup on it. Nut Job all kinds of things . you guys know. Then he proceeded to play it what I...
  3. Blister

    Happy birthday Elvis

    Today on Turner Classic Movies are all Elvis Presley movies. Some Gretsch content.
  4. Blister

    My first Gretsch!!!

    5230. And my little princess they both play as good as they look
  5. Blister

    Halo from Capital District New York

    Anybody else nearby? At the age of 67 I've decided to take up guitar got myself a Brandy new 5230 LH in shiny shiny black. Very impressed with the build of this guitar. If someone could give me some pointers on how to post a picture I will do that. I think I figured it out right here we go.