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  1. Andy Fortune

    SOLD Aged Bigsby B16 w/ bridge and neck shim

    SOLD Genuine Bigsby B16 aged by Real Life Relics. Comes with bridge and aluminum neck shim(supposed to work with all T-style neck pockets, but it was too much angle for mine). Works great and has a very cool aged look without being over the top. $250 shipped and PayPal in the continental USA
  2. Andy Fortune

    SOLD Baritone conversion neck for telecaster $195

    SOLD This is a 28 5/8" scale baritone conversion neck that fits standard Tele neck pockets. It has a Fender spaghetti logo, but it is not a Fender. The original builder of the guitar it came off of (the guitar in the video below--not my video--it was made before I got the guitar) says it was...
  3. Andy Fortune

    Anyone tried the new 5260 baritones?

    I'm thinking of getting one of these and tuning it down to E-e with heavier strings. I didn't like the original black sparkle ones with the Bigsby because the tension bar Bigsby was just a poor functional match, in my opinion. I'd go with a stoptail version and then decide if I wanted to mount...
  4. Andy Fortune

    NGD! Phantom IX

    Just got this cool guitar from a great fellow on the other Gretsch forum. It’s a Phantom Guitarworks Phantom IX. The first 3 strings are paired like a 12 string and the lower 3 lower strings are unpaired. It gives you all the great jangle, and rock and roll, of a 12’er without losing the clarity...
  5. Andy Fortune

    PSA: Ubangi Stomp on Reverb

    good price on this one--no affiliation.
  6. Andy Fortune

    Fake...or just bastardized?

    This is for sale locally, but I haven’t seen it in person. It looks wrong to me...tension bar Bigsby is obviously wrong and the thumbnail inlays should be block inlays with that control layout, I think. But the seller says the serial number checks out as 2005 Japanese made. Am I right or wrong?
  7. Andy Fortune

    What happened to Tony’s Ubangi Stomp video?

    I notice Tony’s @TSims1 video of the Ubangi stomp on Tavo’s site is not working. It is also in this thread: There are few demos of this pedal out there, and I wanted to share this one with a friend since I...
  8. Andy Fortune

    Adorama Black Friday: G5622 center block for $499

    Pretty good deal on a Georgia green G5622 center block
  9. Andy Fortune

    New Pedal - JAM pedals appreciation

    I'll try to condense this story a little bit, but it's still long, so here's the end result for impatient readers: I got a Jam Pedals Pink Flow and it's freakin' awesome. Here's the background: I was perusing in my quest for the seemingly mythic...
  10. Andy Fortune

    NPD-Blackbird + CabDryVr = blown away

    So, I run direct and my board has been built around an Ethos Overdrive for some time. The Ethos is incredible and it has a really good built-in speaker sim, so I’ve had no reason to try anything else. The only nagging thing was that I tend to play quite clean, with the gain set pretty low on the...
  11. Andy Fortune

    Gave my brand new Mystery Brain a workout today

    I picked up a used Mystery Brain on and received it this past Friday. I gave it a workout with the band in practice today. :cool: Here’s our version of a Tom Waits tune called Hang On St. Christopher. The Mystery Brain nails the short, punchy slapback I was going for, since I’m a big...
  12. Andy Fortune

    Volume drop problem solved

    So...this was a first for me. I tend to ride the volume quite a bit, and that means I expect I'll have to give the master volume pot attention now and then, but my 2015 6129T started cutting out and dropping the volume significantly today at practice(thankfully not at a gig). I just opened it up...
  13. Andy Fortune here!

    fingers crossed for a safe cross-country trip... Pics promised upon arrival.
  14. Andy Fortune

    Eastwood's take on Gretsch

    Eastwood has a new one out, with obvious inspiration. RJ Ronquillo could make a broomstick strung with baling wire sound good, of course...I love hearing him play.
  15. Andy Fortune

    I love Hi Lo Trons but...

    I loved the sound of the Hi Lo Trons in my G6117T but the low output kept me from using it live with my Filtertron and Dynasonic equipped guitars. I picked up some used HS Filtertrons and now she's got some real spank and growl! Somehow, the gold pick guard had to go, too.;)
  16. Andy Fortune

    New Member here

    I figured I should join this group now that I have three Gretsch guitars and a fourth on the way. I had a G5422 Electromatic and liked it quite a bit. Then I was given a G6129T-LTD15-RDSP (lucky guy, I know) and I became an instant convert to Gretsch Pro guitars. I sold the Electromatic when I...