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  1. delbomber

    Aqua-Puss vs Carbon Copy vs Echoplex

    I couldn't vibe with my carbon copy. Too dark. I tried a bunch of other "full feature" delays and none of them gave me the slapback I wanted. I wound up with the JHS The Milkman Slapback and haven't looked back. Super simple, does exactly what I want it to do, and sounds amazing.
  2. delbomber

    Gretsch White Falcon vs Gretsch Electromatic!

    this video has done nothing but throw gasoline on my desire for an off-white falcon with dynasonic pickups!
  3. delbomber

    Pedals On Your Radar

    Cheating, because I already picked one up. But I've been struggling with getting the slapback I wanted, this bad boy delivers (I never use the boost, the Greer Lightspeed handles that duty).
  4. delbomber

    Must-Try Medium Overdrives

    Greer Lightspeed: my favorite OD pedal of all time Runner up: Benson Amps Preamp Pedal Either through a Fender Deluxe (volume 4-5) or a Friedman DS40 (low input, gain at 5-6).
  5. delbomber


    my drummer is on this forum?! :)
  6. delbomber


    Greetings all! Just joined, although I've viewed many a thread on this forum. Looking forward to being an actual member of this community. Attached is a pic of my favorite Gretsch, a 2005 RHH I converted to an EC with Fralin P90s. .