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  1. OldCowHand

    Hah! I told you I wasn't dead.

    I'm here to apologize for my prolonged absence. I won't make any excuses because there is no excuse for neglecting your friends. I've been very busy, and I hope to be able to tell all about what I've been doing. I think every day about you all, and ... heck, it's getting near Christmas, so I'll...
  2. OldCowHand

    NJPD Weedcaster

    A junk project. I've never started one before; each new build is going to be the best ever, but this one just a case of using up junk. A long, long time ago, when I was waiting for my daddy to come back from the crusades, I bought two planks of British Honduras mahogany, something like seven...
  3. OldCowHand

    R.I.P. Dave Swarbrick

    Dave Swarbrick, fiddler from Fairport Convention has died aged 75. "The man who electrified folk." (I didn't say that, someone else did; I should think it's an achievement that's hotly contested.)
  4. OldCowHand

    So what happened on your peaceful Sunday?

    We had a hot air balloon make an emergency landing in the field opposite our house. It's not the first time it has happened. This is it after re-inflation and just about to take off.
  5. OldCowHand

    Excessive network activity

    Since approx. 2016-04-27 20:00 GMT G-T has been almost unusable. Huge amounts of network traffic start as soon as a page is loaded, whether logged in or not. As soon as the page is closed the traffic stops. Typing and navigation are almost impossible. All other sites are fine. It has taken...
  6. OldCowHand

    Happy Birthday Duane!

  7. OldCowHand

    And for my next trick ...

    Have you seen this guy? And here he is doing Michelle ...
  8. OldCowHand

    I think I'll open the windows so the neighbours think it's me.

    Only posting this because it's a long time since we've seen Albert with a Tele.
  9. OldCowHand

    Happy Springtime!

    Today is the vernal equinox ... so what have you all been doing to celebrate the arrival of spring?
  10. OldCowHand

    Two peas in a pod

    Any other examples like this ...? Johnny Smith: Jaguar by Johnny Smith. Larry Carlton: Strikes Twice by Larry Carlton.
  11. OldCowHand

    R.I.P. Keith Emerson

    Died aged 71.
  12. OldCowHand

    Who needs a guitar? Who needs a band?

    I think this might be @englishman's next project ...
  13. OldCowHand

    RIP Viola Beach

    No more than children. All four killed in a car crash in Stockholm.
  14. OldCowHand

    Beatles should be considered part of the core classical music catalogue

    I know there are more than a few Beatles fans here. What do you think about this?
  15. OldCowHand

    Three heroes—two books

    I went up to the loft today to look for something. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I found these and wondered if other forum members had any interesting old sheet music albums to show us. The Chet book was published in 1954 and the Duane Eddy meet Eddie Cochran seems to be from 1960.
  16. OldCowHand

    Cheap New Yorkers in the UK

    I just ran across these when I was looking for a picture of a New Yorker to show a friend. A current brand new one for £449 and an ex-demo non-pickup version for £360.
  17. OldCowHand

    Season's Greetings!

  18. OldCowHand

    NOGD - New old guitar day

    I finished this guitar some years ago, but for the last three years it has been with my eldest son. I asked him if I could photograph it (pictures exist of me playing it on a gig, but I'm darned if I can find them) and he said that as he and his family are going away for Christmas, why not take...
  19. OldCowHand

    'Cause I'm In Love With You

    I hope this will be of interest to the G-T gang. It certainly has Gretsch content, and concerns the first band I was ever in, The Hi-Jinx, and the guitar in my avatar. Back in prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth Bill Wyman asked us to record a demo of two songs he had written so...
  20. OldCowHand

    Acoustic Couch

    Since most of my electrics don't come when I call them, I sat these three ladies on the couch. Left to right: An Ibanez classical, made in Japan. Don't remember getting this one but it's been around a long time. Maccaferrii Grande Bouche, signed by Mario on the label. Maccaferri G40. This...
  21. OldCowHand

    Belly radius

    Does anyone know, or know a way of measuring, the radius of a 5120 belly at the bridge position? I want to make a bridge and will finish the base in the normal way by putting sandpaper on the belly and rubbing the bridge up and down, but I want to get it as near as dammit before I get to that...
  22. OldCowHand

    Am I a freak - thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Last week my thumb pick broke. It was only 53 years old, but I am not a thumbpicker so it hasn't had a great deal of wear. I went to buy a new one on eBay, and they seemed to be on offer in small, medium or large. I looked at my thumb and thought "that's a medium if ever I saw one," so I ordered...
  23. OldCowHand

    NSD: New stand day

    I have a Fender amplifier stand, built for a Twin,and it has a guitar stand fixed to one of the legs. The other leg has a hole drilled in the same place, presumably for another stand. I have been using it for years with Teles, Strats, Les Pauls and all kinds of other solids, but when I got my...
  24. OldCowHand

    Another new kid

    Hello folks. I've been reading your posts for the last couple of weeks and you seem such a nice bunch that I decided to join you. I hadn't owned a Gretsch for 48 years, and then my number one son bought me one for father's day. It's an orange 5120 and I love it. As soon as I started playing it...