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  1. kdm1218

    Blacktop filtertron question

    I have a Squier 70s thinline tele I’ve been debating on putting filtertrons in, and then remembered I have an old set of blacktops in my parts. My question is, looking at pickguards made for filtertrons for that style guitar, it seems like they all do wood mount for the height adjustment screws...
  2. kdm1218

    Compton/Tru Arc?

    I have a 2013 model of the 5435T with TVJ classics, and am considering one of these to help improve sustain versus what I bought it with (a no name roller bridge). My playing is mostly P&W, some classic rock, and a little bit of blues-ish. I’m interested especially in any thoughts from users...
  3. kdm1218

    2013 pro jet specs

    Just trying to find out if anyone knows more specifically where I could access some specs on my G5435T. It’s a 2013 model. I’m mainly curious about if they used the laurel back then or if I’ve got an actual rosewood fretboard. Appreciate any more specific neck specs as well though. Tried the...
  4. kdm1218

    Rattling G on a 5435T

    I’ve got a 5435T that came with a generic roller bridge (looks like the kind you can get under $20 from eBay) installed when I got it. I have a straight truss rod, leveled frets, great intonation, graphtech xl nut, and still get a rattle with my G at various places along the neck, but most...
  5. kdm1218

    Upper fret access

    Background: I play mainly a Tele or Strat style guitar. I’ve had a G5435t for about a year and a half and enjoy the different tones and feel of it. However, upper fret access versus what I am used to with the others is quite a challenge, and has even made me choose to leave it at home when...
  6. kdm1218

    Vibramate String Spoiler

    Does anyone have and use this on a Bigsby licensed model? Wondering if it would work on my 5435 with B50. I tried emailing Vibramate about a week ago but no response as of yet. Thanks!
  7. kdm1218

    Pickup selector issue on 5435

    I’m trying to finish up a re-wire of my 5435 that included new CTS pots, new tone cap, treble bleed on MV, and a new selector switch. I’ve checked everything against my wiring diagram from TV Jones and have everything connected as it should be. However, with my selector switch, there’s an...
  8. kdm1218

    Rolling off volumes to clean up my tone

    Hello, I’m an owner of a 2013 G5435T for almost a year now. I’ve been reading and looking into various info on swapping pots as I’ve got a bad tone pot on mine. However if I’m gonna be in there anyways, I am also wanting to find out from others, do these guitar just not really do the whole roll...