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    Feeling deserted.

    The local GC has closed and relocated clear across town. Here in Charlotte that's a hours drive, mostly sitting in traffic. They were my primary Gretsch source, so I'm feeling a little deserted right now. Just wanted to rant.
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    What happened to the Zero fret?

    I've been playing Gretsch since the early 70,s. My first three all had zero frets, but now that I'm getting back into the brand, I see only the Country Gent with the zero fret. Since I always liked that feature, I'm guessing I was alone. Is that the case?
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    Electromatic vs Player?

    I'm really not trying to stir anything up, and the situation is not only with Gretsch, but with Gibson and particularly Fender. How do these companies justify the incredible price difference ($2000+) for their "top line" instruments. I recently played an Electromatic Jet and a the similar...
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    G2627T, What's going on?

    I found this model, 3 pickups with cat's eyes, hanging at GC this morning. When I came home to check out the specs, one site (GC) says it's new and not shipping till August 2019. Another site (Sweetwater) had no mention of it whatsowever, and the third site (Sam Ash) claims it's been...
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    Gretsch Electromatic!! Who knew?

    I've had several gretches over the last 40 years, or so, and just got away from them for a while. Around 2002 I bought a couple of the Korean models (6120, 6128) and found them to be guitars. But my interests changed and I ended up letting them go. A mistake, I now realize. I stayed away from...
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    Hi Lo Tron pickups, singlr coil or humbucker?

    I've been considering a G5622T, which has the Hi Lo Tron pickups. Gretsch documentation call them humbuckers while most of the reviewers say thay are single coil. Whichever they are, they sound great to me, thus my leaning towars the 5622, but can anyone tell me exactly what I'm getting, pickup...
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    Disabling a Bigsby

    After doing a search, I found that a few years ago there was a discussion about disabling a Bigsby by replacing the spring with a short piece of pipe or a wooden dowel. Have any of you devised anything more recent. I really like the look of the vibrato, but honestly, I don't use it.
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    How is the G5230T possible?

    I've had the guitar for a month now and I'm liking more everyday. The black walnut neck is proving to be as much a surprise as when I first sat down with it. But, here's my question. After a little research, I found that black walnut is primarily a north american species, and it's cost is right...
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    Roller bridge for the G5230t

    I did a search and could not find a definitive answer, so I'm asking what roller bridge will work on the G5230T. Mine is a 2018 model if that makes any difference.
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    Tuners, stock vs Gotoh?

    I recently bought the G5230T, and I'm crazy about it except for the tuners, which feel a litte loose to me. I've seen that several here have switched to Gotoh, specifically their SG381-05 set. I'm also hearing that that set is a direct drop in replacement. So my question is, is Gotoh a good...
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    Can we talk "low-tech" for a minute?

    Primarily, I'm wondering how many of you guys plug your Gretsches straight into your amp?
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    Not exactly a new guy.

    I've been playing since 1958. I have a nice collection going, as you might imagine. There have been several Gretschs along the way, and I've enjoyed them all. But the G5230T that I got today has been such a surprise, particularly the black walnut fingerboard, that I thought I'd better get back...