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    Dynasonics in 5128

    I recently purchased a used 5128 with Dynasonics. This thing is amazing. It has its own character- a bit different than my 5420 with TV Jones Classics. I cannot find much info about the pickups. What are they exactly? Where are they made? Who makes them? Anyone have any info?
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    NGD: G5420T- Silver Sparkle

    A7EA07A1-7A51-408A-AA55-E4655659408A by filtersweep posted Feb 7, 2018 at 6:25 PM I sold a hollow body with a floating PU, then bought a used Cabronita with filtertron wannabes. That guitar was dead and lifeless- no matter what I did to it. I also unloaded a Strat and a super strat with a...