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  1. Likeabrave


    Acquired a Blackstar HT5-R in red tolex. Thought it was an mkii but was mistaken. Not sure if it's a keeper, but the cleans are very clean and the od channel is very versatile.
  2. Likeabrave

    Incoming NGD

    Adding a Taylor GS mini-e Koa to the collection. I've been gassing for a concert size guitar but fell in love with this little gem at first strum.
  3. Likeabrave

    NGD sort of

    The wood bits have finally arrived. (Original thread) Ash body, aged daphne blue nitro, roasted maple 9.5 radius neck. Now all I gotta do is make it into a guitar!
  4. Likeabrave

    Waiting for wood

    One day, this will be a telecaster: I had GAS and wanted to try something new, so I've embarked on my first "build" project. Pups and loaded control plate were pulled from a vintera '50s modified so it will have 4 way switching + the s1 switch. Wood will be coming from MJT though I'm not sure...
  5. Likeabrave

    Black Walnut Fretboards - anybody?

    Curious if anyone has picked up one of the new Electromatic Jets with the black walnut fretboards. Any noticeable advantages / shortcomings ?
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    New Cheap Guitar Day! Recording King "Dirty 30's" Harmonella Single-O 12 frets 25.5" scale "solid" spruce top Metal harp tailpiece and floating rosewood bridge Played one a GC a few months ago when I was on the fence about getting a Jim Dandy. I got off that fence but couldn't resist the...
  7. Likeabrave

    VENTING - Dagnabit all to heck

    I gots me a twisted neck. Well - fingerboard anyway... The board dips on the bass side from frets 1-6 then it's got a hump on the treble side from 7-12. I got buzzing and choking all over the place. Luthier suggests only real fix is both invasive and expensive - pop off the fingerboard, check...
  8. Likeabrave

    Where can I get that one!

    There is a nifty corvette that serves as the banner image on the solidbody page I must have...
  9. Likeabrave

    What the wha????

    Wish I was handy enough to build this thing o_O SMARTSAW
  10. Likeabrave

    G5622 - Mods DONE!

    Schaller Strap Locks installed :D
  11. Likeabrave

    Airline G. Love - How the What the?

    Seriously, what were they thinking when they came up with this?
  12. Likeabrave

    NGD! Something NOT blue :-)

    Swapped my Fairlane Blue 5420 for this beauty. This one is a keeper!
  13. Likeabrave

    Can't decide...

    I guess it's a good problem to have, but the addition of a Fairlane Blue 5420 has crowded my Hollowbody Filter'tron zone already occupied by a G6119T with HS filters and a G5191BK with Blacktops. Though pretty, the 5420 is sonically the odd girl out. Don't know what it is, but the blacktops...
  14. Likeabrave

    Unexpected NGD

    My 49th Birthday was this past week. My co-workers thought it was my 50th and "accidentallly" bought this for me: My cup runneth over! On a side note - I contemplated putting this in the Electromatic forum, but since these now identify as pro-lines I chose to post here. :-)
  15. Likeabrave

    NG(love)D -

    Full disclosure - I'm smitten with Gretsch Corvettes. Whitey is a 2008 I imported from Japan a few years ago and the G. Love just arrived - a bargain find on eBay. The G.Love neck is a bit chunkier, the Grovers are a clear upgrade (though the open backs on the white guitar work just fine) and...
  16. Likeabrave

    The Bay has been very good to me today

    Just scored this sweetheart at a bargain price: Missing a switch tip but there's still plastic on the pickguard. Now the waiting starts...
  17. Likeabrave

    3156 gets new pots and jack

    Dude on my video production staff is an artist with a soldering iron so I turned him into a guitar tech for the day. Original pots were of dubious quality and the soldering was poor. The tone cap was partially detached which made for an interesting experience and the jack kept getting loose...
  18. Likeabrave

    PSA - Case solution for 16" hollowbody

    I took a chance on the "335"Xavier case at for my 3156 Historic because the measurements provided are identical to the case for my Tennessee Rose. Fit is a little snug, but that's because of some extra padding they added to the lid and upper-bout - probably to accommodate the...
  19. Likeabrave

    Historic Series 3156 - which case?

    I've decided the Streamliner that was abandoned on my doorstep is a keeper. It came with a Taylor acoustic case that doesn't fit and also looks like it was in a train wreck. Any 3155/56 owners have case advice?
  20. Likeabrave

    Bad refin or just bad pix?

    Spotted this interesting streamiliner on the bay. Am I imagining it did someone use gold sparkle craft glue to make pickup surrounds and bind the f-holes?
  21. Likeabrave

    New Acquisition - 3156

    Found this leaning against my office door. A friend of a friend got tired of it laying around his tiny guitar shop. Not sure how I feel about it yet but the price was right.
  22. Likeabrave

    FENDER - outstanding service

    Once in a while things get done right. Channel 2 on my Super Champ XD stopped working about two weeks ago. There was no sound at all until the volume knob was around 8 - then it was suddenly loud. Everything else worked though (effects, voices, EQ, etc). The amp was built in 2010 and carried...
  23. Likeabrave

    Super Champ XD with a problem

    Channel 2 is silent until the volume is up around 8 - then it's suddenly loud. Problem is on all 16 voices. Doesn't matter where the gain is set either. Not really functional as an at home practice amp at that volume. Channel 1 works normally. I know nothing about amp repair - any input would be...
  24. Likeabrave

    Better than a NGD

    New Puppy Day @ Casa Likeabrave Meet "Brady" the 8 week old Yellow Lab.