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    I have a Regal Tricone metal bodied guitar that's good value ... not big money, but not cheap'n'cheerful tat either. Plays nicely as stock ... but replaced the cones with hand-spun Delta R C resonators that sound much better. Fun to have!
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    2655T Roller Bridge Replacement Recommendations?

    +1 for ABM 2400 roller bridge Absolutely nothing to rattle - superb engineering - and no "tone suck" whatsoever... richer tone +++ to my ears. I think the negative views of roller bridges relate perhaps to old, poorly made cheap cast metal items ... quite the opposite of the milled...
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    Any ABR Style Bridges That Don't Rattle?

    I struggle with these rattle conversations. I have never had rattling from any TOM-type bridge... although none have been vintage styles with retaining wires. I have been very pleased with replacing Gretsch and Gibson bridges with ABM versions for tonal improvements and tuning stability when...
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    Headstock posts (?)

    Quite common and familiar problems for many ... hence the potential solutions?
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    Center block vs trestle bracing

    I would agree. The sound post of the violin family is a light single-point connection to transmit vibration of the top to the back to increase the volume and complexity of the acoustic projection. The trestle bracing is four-points, more massive and stiffer to stabilise the front and back to...
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    Headstock posts (?)

    String Butler a great adjunct... definitely improved my experience of tuning stability on a number of Gretsch and Gibson guitars, especially those with a Bigsby. I know some people have found lubrication and a "properly cut nut" cures all their problems... but the latter seems elusive to a great...
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    Gretsch G 6118T 2 Tone

    Two Tone ...
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    Gretsch G 6118T 2 Tone

    When it comes to Two Tone ... this has to there ...
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    Locking Tuner Option for 5622T

    I can't remember the numbers... but my MIK 5622T had narrower-than-many tuners... 8mm or 9mm? I had some Schaller M6 135's and they had a 10mm (?) shaft/bushing and I needed to do a bit of reaming for them to fit.
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    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    Metric v's imperial? ABM can help I'm sure.
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    So...what exactly did I buy, and should I upgrade the bridge?

    I strongly recommend the ABM 2400c roller bridge. Very solid bit of engineering, finely adjustable intonation... doesn't matter whether the roller rolls or the strings slide in the u-shaped groove ... transformed my Gretch's tone for the better, and stabilised Bigsby tuning vastly.
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    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    The pictures you've shown look to me like a poor quality casting that's corroded and flaking, not up to the job. I would choose the 2400 roller bridge since you've got a Bigsby. The "rosewood" base...
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    Rejoicing that someone bought a guitar I've been obsessing over

    FWIW ... I have acquired the hardtail RF Black Falcon... no Bigsby and much less bling... and it's a very very good guitar... so if you want the brasher vibrato version, it'll be worth looking out for.
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    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    If you read around web fora, you'll come across talk of "tone-sucking" and "rattling" bridges, especially roller's. I believe this is either an urban myth, or historical from 70's components? None of the stock bridges I have taken off Gretch's and Gibson's had any demonstrable rattling on the...
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    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    I too would strongly recommend ABM options... I have their roller bridge and their ToM's on a number of my guitars... completely transformed my 5622T for instance. Lovely bits of engineering...
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    Tru-arc bridge tuning stability and some other questions

    If you do find yourself chasing tuning stability and accurate intonation (if...?) I can highly the ABM 2400c roller bridge for getting both right, and a great tone too. Transformational on a couple of mine.
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    Opinions on the nitrocellulose lacquer Gretsch uses

    French polish is a shellac technique, button-polish often diluted further with more turpentine, it's all about applying very thin layers very evenly, then sanding back lightly with very fine grade abrasive, then another ... repeat and repeat to build up a deep high gloss finish, that is then...
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    Opinions on the nitrocellulose lacquer Gretsch uses

    There's LOADS of mythology out there to read about finishes effecting the sound of instruments... including speculation about Stradivarius violins... the bottom line is probably that any significance is minimal to the point of trivial or irrelevant... but the story probably reflects a time when...
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    Gretsch Sightings on TV

    Punk or "Post-punk" band from London ... I have heard Marc Riley on Radio 6 play their stuff quite often ... they've a lot in common with The Fall, so not surprising. Never seen them live ... I believe they put on quite a performance, costumes etc.
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    “They've proven to be incredibly stable on this tour” – Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus gives us the latest on his new Gretsch Falcons

    I don't "follow" him at all ... but strikes me on stage he's probably using similar tones and performing similar "antics" to Duffy, Setzer, Young and other "Gretsch" players with unwieldy guitars not sitting primly dressed in a suit and tie or natty cardigan ... Regardless... his signature...
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    Strings jumping off saddles with Richard Fortus White Falcon

    @Mack Truck Tru Well ... there's a thing. Music Radar interview with RF follows up how he's getting on with the signature models... And he's had strings coming of the bridge - and has gone to a Tonepros TOM. You're in good company Mack!
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    “They've proven to be incredibly stable on this tour” – Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus gives us the latest on his new Gretsch Falcons

    I have an RF Black Falcon. It's terrific. Beautifully made, nicely understated. Sounds brilliant... it's proving to be a better "do most things" than my ES-335. Simplified controls give a huge range of tones easily. Lovely cleans and rich distortion. It's apparently designed to sit alongside a...
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    New Bridge for my G6228 Players Edition!

    I remain fascinated by these reports of bridge rattles. I have replaced a number of bridges on modern Gretch's and Gibson's for reasons of Bigsby tuning stability (roller's) and tone ... mainly ABM, but also Mastery and Staytrem. "Better" metallurgy and machining I believe. Pleasing results to...
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    Filing my finger tips!

    I play mandolin and mandola's a lot ... I need those calluses! Sure with a lot of playing they delaminate every so often, but it only takes a few minutes more playing and flakes are gone ... never felt a need to use other abrasives.
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    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    I have a collection of guitars reflecting a lot of "the standards", but a especially partial to pretty versatile instruments... an Ibanez superstrat, a PRS 24-08, an HSS strat, a Marr Jaguar ... and an ES-335... BUT ... I think the new RF Black Falcon is displacing the Gibson, doing so many of...