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  1. S.R.Cash

    New Rockabilly Machine Day

    Gonna Velcro a Fab Echo in the back and use it for it's one true purpose. I'll update to a 6" Weber down the road but for now it sounds absolutely fantastic for my purposes.
  2. S.R.Cash

    Squier CV 60's

    Thinking of getting a new model CV 60's, sunburst and double binding. (Calm down, I'm keeping the Gretsch) :-) Any real world experience with these by anyone? My thinking? Easier and lower maintenance when lugging it around in very unpredictable Canadian weather, and I've been doing a lot more...
  3. S.R.Cash

    Duo Setup

    So soon(ish) I may have a little duo of sorts. Now I've thought and thought about a tiny setup, the smaller the better, and came up with a plan. So if anyone has any thoughts, comments, or whatever... Fender SFXII amp. Channel one (for me) would have my Gretsch into a good echo pedal and then...
  4. S.R.Cash


    For the life of me, I can not get my head around using my Scarlet Solo! I don't know why this is so hard for me, so I normally just run my amp or mic or whatever into an iRig and then into my phone. I finally got the idea the other day to try overlaying a few different tracks this way...
  5. S.R.Cash

    Helpful Tips?

    Ok, I may be a little slow with the ideas, so I'm sure some of you have alright found these things out for yourself, but, I'll post these little 'discoveries' anyway. I made good use of those big blank spaces on the new JHS-3Series pedals. Reference charts: And for those of you that are...
  6. S.R.Cash

    Long, Long Decision ... Solved

    After a very long and slow decision making, and waiting to find models to play in person, I ordered new pickups, rings and wiring this morning! I decided that since I'm mainly of the 'Billy and Swing nature, and what I write could be considered a Folkabilly Western style, and keep a squeaky...
  7. S.R.Cash

    A Deluxe New Amp Day

    Not very active lately, or anywhere for that matter, even in the real world. I have one those overly essential jobs, so needless to say my time off slips get denied mostly! Anyway, the world is slowly coming back, or so I hope, and I'm ready to take it on! I still have not found the right single...
  8. S.R.Cash

    NAD ... I think I'm good ... for now

    I just dumped a load of gear, amps, etc., in an effort to lighten the load of things I don't use or need ... and then along comes an ad for an amp I've been wanting for a long time! Just 20 minutes north of me, I was gas'n the car pretty quickly! I paid a little more for it than I normally would...
  9. S.R.Cash

    Live & Learn ... A NGD

    After a few weeks of playing and recording with my White Falcon Rancher, I was realising that it just had this sort of vibe goin' that made it more of a show than go guitar, y'know? A great feeling and looking stage guitar if you will, but not what I would call ideal for the singer/songwriter...
  10. S.R.Cash

    Writing .. Tips .. Tricks

    So, I'm not much of a writer, but not for lack of trying at least. Just wondering what little bits of helpful information or insights any writers out there can offer. Not just for me, but to make this some kind of tip swapping thread. As for myself, I tend to keep nothing more than my Uke...
  11. S.R.Cash

    Suggestions? Changes?

    Small dilemma. I'm just about to secure down my pedals to a board, and I've never bothered before because I've really only ever needed delay for what I do. However as I'm getting going with a group, and lately been moving gear around a lot, I'll need a few effects for what we'll ultimately be...
  12. S.R.Cash

    GFS & Big Decisions

    Ok, so, after a very long and deep thought, and then another, I've realised that the Surf 90's are probably my way to go in my 5420. I pulled out my Streamliner that has them, changed my strings and had a good little run with it just to be sure. I really dig what I get with them, and it leaves...
  13. S.R.Cash

    And it's been the ruin, of many a poor boy...

    A quick sort of Acoustic Ventures.ish thing
  14. S.R.Cash

    NGD: The Falcon Has Landed

    Nothing better than getting that message from the shop saying your order is in! I picked her up this morning, and have already cleaned the nut, oiled and cleaned the board, set the action down a touch, installed strap locks, and am trying out the Martin Retro's (so far, not a fan). I'll keep...
  15. S.R.Cash

    For the 5420

    Ok, so, here's the deal. I'm a single coil guy, so I need to replace my Black Tops. Currently, they run set low.ish with 1 row of poles raised and 1 row removed. Helps, but not enough. I love the tone in the Surf 90s in my other Gretsch and I find I can do well with pickin' Cliff Gallup, Janis...
  16. S.R.Cash

    Boogie Boogie Boogie

    A little sample of my Orange and Gold, and my lil' Boogie Riffs:
  17. S.R.Cash

    Howdy From Southern Ontario

    Hello to all who read through this!! Been lurkin' 'round here for quite awhile, and after more than a few times of becoming rather irritated by not being able to post a response to things I see, here I am at last! So, about me? Well, I'm a Western Bop-A-Billy sort of guy, just turned 40, and...