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  1. ronbo

    Retirement planning? ("Go on, take the money and run" -- Steve Miller Band)

    I just retired at 65...waiting until 66.5 (full retirement) only nets me about $250 a month more, which isn't enough to offset the stress of continuing working in the constantly changing Scientific IT world I worked in, not to mention waiting until 70... I had aortic valve replacement surgery...
  2. ronbo

    Is There A Good Reference On How They Work?

    As an old electronics tech who has been fiddling with guitars and amps since high school (45+ years) I've always been of the mindset that the main thing on an electric guitar is the pickups. Wood types and construction can have a 'very' slight effect on the tone of an electric (this is up for...
  3. ronbo

    Gene Clark - No Other

    I bought this LP when it came out in the mid-70's. Re-purchased it a few years ago while trying to get a bunch of old favorites from my younger days. Great album, great voice and playing. Haven't listened to it for a while, so looks like I'll do that today :)
  4. ronbo

    Bridge is stuck to body (Duo-Jet w/ space bridge)

    Naptha (Ronsonol-type lighter fluid) is a good sovent that wont hurt either polyurethane or lacquer finishes and removes glue residues quite nicely with little smell...
  5. ronbo

    Your weekend country fix from Mr Doyle Dykes

    Great right hand technique! He really makes that old Martin sound good...and the D18 is my favorite sounding Martin guitar. Something about that crisp mahogany/spruce combination that just cuts through!
  6. ronbo

    SOLD Brass Compton - $55 shipped!

    Forgot to add that this will be shipped to the US lower 48 only...
  7. ronbo

    Caribou Slobber

    Been brewing for 30 years - 577 batches and still counting! I'm a better brewer than I am a guitar player and have a LOT less money invested in equipment than I do guitars, amps and pedals. The song was good...lots of reverb (which I like) and made me want to have a beer...although I should...
  8. ronbo

    SOLD Brass Compton - $55 shipped!

    SOLD!!! I have a brass Compton for sale...2.9" post to post, 12" radius, setup for 10's. $55 shipped and paypalled to the lower 48...
  9. ronbo

    RIP Jerry and Chet - a must share

    Me and Jerry (and the follow up, Me and Chet) are some of my favorite Chet albums...Jerry Reed is a great player and it sounds like they were having so much fun recording it. Jerry starts a whoopin' and hollerin' in the songs and really tears it up on guitar. Thanks for reminding me of these...
  10. ronbo

    Guitar storage blues

    I have 20 guitars (12 electrics, 7 acoustics and a bass) and 4 amps, but fortunately have an 1800 sq ft unfinished basement to easily store them in. They're all really nice, customized and setup to my specs. I sold a few last year, then ended up using the proceeds to buy a couple of guitars I'd...
  11. ronbo

    Help needed, soldering material question

    You should be able to find pre-tinned buss wire at Antique Electronic Supply (aka Tubes and More): They are a pretty good source for tubes, potentiometers and other guitar hobbiest electronic parts... Also Mojotone sells...
  12. ronbo

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome from a fellow Mile-Hi resident out Broomfield/Boulder way! Gretsches and Tele's...they go together like peas and carrots ;)
  13. ronbo

    For Sale Reverend PA-1 Pete Anderson - Price Reduced

    I owned one of these in blond a few years ago and mistakenly sold bought an Anniversary edition in silver sparkle to replace it and assuage my regret. Rev's P-90s have a great, vintage sound with a little extra bite that I love. This semi-hollow body design is a great stage guitar, as I...
  14. ronbo

    Nocturne Mystery Brain users?

    My brain works beautifully with my Roland Cube Artist and on every one of my electric guitars (11)...I only have 2 that have filtertron-type pickups and one with T-Armonds. It sounds equally as good on my Fender SuperSonic and other tube amps I have owned, but I don't notice any major...
  15. ronbo

    Bridge replacement and intonation ... which bridge to choose?

    I use both the Compton and the Tru-Arc Serpentune. The Compton works pretty well and intonates decently enough on my Pro Jet with the adjustable base, but my 5420 (gold hardware) has a pinned bridge and the Compton didn't work, so I got the Brass Serpentune and it intonates perfectly. I'm going...
  16. ronbo

    Hello from the front range - Longmont, CO

    Welcome PainTrain, from just down the road in Broomfield!
  17. ronbo

    Lead Singing Bass Player? - Possibly Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

    I was a bass player for 25 years and sang lead for a couple of bands, and shared singing chores in a few more. Not that hard, but certainly depends on the technical requirements of the bass lines to be able to effectively sing along while playing. I could only do 1 Rush song (New World Man)...
  18. ronbo


    I've owned a couple of Flatrock RT's and they are great guitars. Haven't tried the new Retroblast pickups, but I thought the old Revtron's were pretty good, but not really like a Filtertron, so I put a set of TV Jones Duotrons in my current sparkle green one and it sounds great! Glad they...
  19. ronbo

    >> Truss Rod and Intonation

    No reason that adjusting the truss rod should affect that, unless your relief is so high that it causes the strings to go out of tune when you press them down. Set your relief where you like it - I often make it for minimal buzz along the neck, which is usually ~.oo4 to .oo6 inches at the 8th...
  20. ronbo

    Please help - Computer kaputt!

    Sooner or later, all hard drives will die...even solid state ones and 10 years is a good run! Your data may be available on the old hard drive. Often when a drive fails, it knocks out the boot sector or other operating system related parts, but much of the drive is still functional, as long as...
  21. ronbo

    No more Tube amps?

    No, it's just more circuitry to change the tone and feel of the amp...pretty clever and works really well. My Blues Cube Artist (with the Ultimate Blues capsule) is my #1 for playing with the band. The capsule made the clean channel cleaner and great for effects and the crunch channel much more...
  22. ronbo

    Gretsch DynaSonic PUs

    Gotta agree with BorderRadio on them being microphonic and the bridge being thin...I found the Gretsch Dyna's to be too unbalanced for me. By the time I got the magnets adjusted to where both pickups sounded good, the magnets on the bridge pickup would pull the strings out of tune! There is a...
  23. ronbo

    Travel Amp / Temporary Quiet Practice

    A buddy has a Positive Grid Spark and I'm thinking of getting one for that reason! Small, light, sounds really good with some decent effects and does have a carrying bag, although he has his in a gym bag. I've seen them as low as $190 plus shipping on Reverb (carrying bag is extra) and there...
  24. ronbo

    TC Electronic Plethora...what happened?

    Tony's excellent reviews convinced me to buy one...I've had a number of other "multi-pedal" units and this is the best one yet. I use mine all the time at home and at band practice and find it super easy to use, simple to learn and you can change things on the fly fairly easily. The sound...
  25. ronbo

    This is/was (arguably) the WORST record ever made....

    That sucked so good! Reminded me of my first band at 12 years old...I don't think we were even that bad!!!