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    Gibson Introduces New Model

    Pretty sure there is good reason it was never produced back in the day. I live Gibson for their heritage— not their innovation.
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    Relocation opportunity

    16 yrs ago I relocated from the US to Norway. But I am a bit of an insane risk taker. I ‘ll try anything twice.
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    My son and I went to a cemetery today

    Aside from the original SNL, SCTV was superior to most of SNL.
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    Dynasonics in 5128

    I recently purchased a used 5128 with Dynasonics. This thing is amazing. It has its own character- a bit different than my 5420 with TV Jones Classics. I cannot find much info about the pickups. What are they exactly? Where are they made? Who makes them? Anyone have any info?
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    Tips for ear training

    Interval work is OK for what it is, but I find it less practical than studying actual songs. There is a rather small set of chord progressions that a huge number of songs are based on. There are melodic patterns that repeat themselves everywhere. Granted it isn’t ear training per se, but it...
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    Hello Fender - where's my refund?

    This is what I see— no price fixing here…. None at all…. IPhone 13. Gibson guitars all see MAPed as well.
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    Hello Fender - where's my refund?

    Seriously? MAP illegal in Europe? Europe is a continent— not a country. Buy any Apple product— prices are identical everywhere.
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    5 electromatics returned

    Cheap, Chinese guitars. These should be under a different product line than ‘Electromatic.’
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    $1.9M Ferrari Watch...

    I must be a freak. I am into mechanical watches with the fewest parts possible.
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    Can I put 10-46 strings on my G5420TG-59 without creating any issues?

    9s on a Bigsby? With an unpinned bridge? My guitars would not like that.
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    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    No kidding. Now I read that you can die from a brain-eating bacteria caused by garden slugs if you drink out of a hose. It is a miracle any of us survived. When I played HS football- are drinking system was a garden hose strung out to the practice field.
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    Filtertrons... Gretsch, TV Jones....Pickup choices

    I have TV Jones classics in mine- couldn’t be happier- done in one- no money lost in endless upgrades. OK - I bought it used this way. But a few years ago I passed on a used stock 5420- because of the pickups. I sold a Cabronita because of the stock pickups- and an upgrade would cost more than...
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    New Gibson necks

    Of all the Norlin era complaints, that would be well down the list. I owned a Norlin-era Gibson. Only reason I sold it was it was worth so much. Not sure what you mean by ‘modern Gibson’ - if it includes Norlins, but my Gibsons (built this century) are as nice as any guitars you’ll find for the...
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    New Gibson necks

    So the Gretsch design is inferior? I own three Gibsons- all have tuning issues not present on my non-Fender 3+3 headstock designs.
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    reverb or not...

    Agree. Reverb can make things sound very far away.
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  17. Silver sparkle

    Silver sparkle

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    Love this Guitar G2622T But warranty sucks

    Sell it as is? I’ve owned 8 Fenders- probably owned 20 guitars in total- most bought used with no warranty- and never had a ‘warranty issue’ (manufacturing defect) with any. Assuming there is a crack now, how is that a manufacturing defect?
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    Yes I know... another NGD...

    I have a full size Sonoran. It plays and sounds great. I don’t care where it is made. It is cheap enough to take anywhere. I have enough museum pieces.
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    NGD: G5420T- Silver Sparkle

    A better photo: I am really liking this thing. My only gripe is that the neck could be fatter. The TV Jones have an amazing tone, and the playability of this is fantastic. And it is the loudest, gawdiest looking guitar imaginable-- and I love that sort of stuff. I have a tangerine...
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    For all you guys that own many Guitars....

    I tend to trust physics.
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    NGD: G5420T- Silver Sparkle

    A7EA07A1-7A51-408A-AA55-E4655659408A by filtersweep posted Feb 7, 2018 at 6:25 PM I sold a hollow body with a floating PU, then bought a used Cabronita with filtertron wannabes. That guitar was dead and lifeless- no matter what I did to it. I also unloaded a Strat and a super strat with a...
  23. A7EA07A1-7A51-408A-AA55-E4655659408A


    Unboxing G5420T
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    Opinions on Les Paul's

    My three Gibsons: two from 2013, one from 2011. All bought used, mint— all are keepers. Quality is great on all of them. I’ve owned Asian guitars with great quality, but they just don’t excite me. I find Fenders often ship with rough frets— I have two Teles and a Jaguar. You can find quality...