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  1. senojnad

    Show Us Unique Guitars

    Nice photos, Dr. M!!! LOVE the Gretsch amp -- I had that same model WAY back when....! (1960...)
  2. senojnad

    Your Thoughts On Guitar Shows

    Great minds think alike,,,, (see #31 below)
  3. senojnad

    Your Thoughts On Guitar Shows

    Like Lou & Baba Joe, I had been a "regular" at Philly Guitar Shows, prior to the pandemic, at various locations over the years. I mostly enjoyed looking, but occasionally made some "low dollar" purchases -- including Ed Balls' "Gretsch 6120 -- The History of a Legendary Guitar". Like Baba Joe...
  4. senojnad

    Notable Guitarist Quotes

    After listening to Chet Atkins play, a commenter said (i.e,) ".... That guitar sounds beautiful". Chet then removed the guitar and leaned it against a chair and said, "How does it sound now?"
  5. senojnad

    What Is The Holy Grail Guitar?

    Historically within the Getsch fleet I would think of the early White Penguin as the Golden Fleece for collectors.
  6. senojnad

    At home amps

    That is one seriously gorgeous amp, Baba Joe!!! Wow!!!
  7. senojnad

    New grill cloth

    Very Nice Work by you!!!
  8. senojnad

    Done got married!

    Congratulations and here's wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!!
  9. senojnad

    Who likes a wound 3rd string?

    I use wound G's exclusively. Tried plain G's a few times and just did not like them..... Choice #1 for me is Thomastik-Infeld's JS110 flat wound.
  10. senojnad

    PRRI vs DRRI vs Vibro Champ vs '57 Custom Champ

    Depending on your budget, take a look at DeLisle amps. I've had a Double Nickel Box (about 10 watts) for a few years and love it. 12" speaker, with the optional Variodyne control It produces full sounds/tones at bedroom volumes. If I had it to do over, I probably would have selected his Nickel...
  11. senojnad

    Buy a Broadcaster, replace the pickups?

    I have a Broadkaster Jr 6659-TG (bought 4/17). Love the guitar but never bonded with the Broadtron pickups. I finally replaced them with TV Jones Super Tron (neck) and Classic Plus (bridge), MAJOR IMPROVEMENT (IMO). I wish I had done the change sooner,,,,,,,,
  12. senojnad

    Gauging the "Jet-Set"

    Thomastik-Infeld JS110 -- 10's (wound G) on all electric guitars (all Gretsch), Plectrum 11's on acoustic (Martin).
  13. senojnad

    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    My pointiest guitar just might be my Martin D42.
  14. senojnad

    Hello and apologies from Manchester UK

    Hello, Harrison! That is a gorgeous guitar you have!!
  15. senojnad

    Opinions on Gretsches with a 1.75" nut width

    I prefer the wider necks of my 6122-59 and my Martin D42. I have fairly large hands (XL gloves) and I play "finger style" guitar.......
  16. senojnad

    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    DIABOLIQUE -- the original French version (B & W) with English subtitles. It gave me nightmares for at least 2 nights.............
  17. senojnad

    Why do we obsess over the next guitar?

    I'm often very thankful that throughout most of my earlier years I never heard of this "internet" thing..........
  18. senojnad

    Guitars I Got Through Trades At The Oaks, Pa Guitar Show

    Congratulations -- you had an excellent day at the show!! Historically, the November Philly show is bigger and better than the Summer show...... Between the pandemic and "other stuff" this summer, I have not attended Philly shows for about 3 years.... I hope to make it to the November show.....
  19. senojnad

    That one pedal...

    My "ONE" pedal would be a Strymon that combines the reverb and basic delay from the El Capistan. Maybe I should be talking to the guy from Sandy Eggo...... I have his Nocturne Dyno Brain, which I consider a "Must". However I don't consider it to be an effect -- it ENHANCES sound, it does...
  20. senojnad

    I've been holding out

  21. senojnad

    I am a weak, weak, man.

    You Go, Ed!!! Congratulations on your magnificent find! Have Fun!!
  22. senojnad

    Want to see Springsteen live? $4400.

    The average price for a ticket for the 2021 Super Bowl was $8,524. Cheapest seats were $4,799. For some reason there are enough people willing to part with insane amounts of money that "vendors" continue to succeed in these ventures.......
  23. senojnad

    Want to see Springsteen live? $4400.

    41 years ago (1981) I took my oldest daughter to see ELO (their "TIME" tour) at the Spectrum in Philadelphia..... $10 per seat. (A GREAT show!!).
  24. senojnad

    NGD 6118T-LTV

    Beautiful....!! Agree with Baba joe -- I've often heard/read that THIS is the one to have. Congratulations and enjoy!!
  25. senojnad

    Story of Guitar Center

    Wildwood Guitars (Louisville, CO) is another excellent place. My favorite dealer -- for a couple of decades -- has been Dtown Guitars (Doylestown, PA). One-shop, "Mom & Pop" (actually, only "Pop") and a reasonable drive for me. Great inventory -- lots of Gretsch & Martin products -- good...