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  1. vylabrie

    RIP, Les Paul...

    Ah, there IS a thread on Gretsch Discussion forum! My mistake! ;)
  2. vylabrie

    Happy Birthday dafreeze!!

    Happy Birthday to you though it's a bit late! Hope you had a wonderful time with all your loved ones either online or offline. :D
  3. vylabrie

    RIP, Les Paul...

    Long time no see...I thought I't stop by to see how sad everyone was and it's a bit surprising the thread hasn't started yet. So here it is: And I think they're finally playing together again up...
  4. vylabrie


    Pictures, pictures, pictures... Sound samples, sound samples, sound samples!!! :D Congrats again. Can't wait to hear how it sounds! (So samples, samples, samples...)
  5. vylabrie

    Electromatic Corvette for beginner

    WElcome to the forum, Cory! Glad to meet another fiddler here. (I got a 5 string viola myself!) Corvette is one of the guitars I really try. It shall be awesome according to everyone here. Hope you get to try it soon and make up your mind. You'll like playing guitar for different reasons from...
  6. vylabrie

    Happy Birthday Bobkat!!

    Happy Birthday to you, Bobkat!!! Hope your next 100 years will be full of music, laughter and pretty guitars and leather goods! ;)
  7. vylabrie

    A joke only guitar players will get.

    Crooner: I forwarded the story to my lead guitarist as soon as I read if. lol
  8. vylabrie

    Something Old And Something New

    Congrats! Waiting for the sound samples of course! ;)
  9. vylabrie

    G5135 Corvette Opinions

    Ha ha, I'm sure you're good! But actually my bassist friend and drummer friend own way more guitars than I do. So I still see the point. ;)
  10. vylabrie

    G5135 Corvette Opinions

    Congratulations, Wayne! Hope you have lots of fun with your new 'Vette. :) When I finally managed to whip myself into practicing and get good at playing guitar, I'll get me one of those pretty Cherry 'Vettes. :D
  11. vylabrie

    Thriller ! Is it over?

    I feel a bit relieved to read the postings here. I woke up early this morning - don't know why. went to bed quite late last night - and discovered the news. And then lots of status updates about the news followed. (And of course got a text message delivering the news as well.) Some were shocked...
  12. vylabrie

    gigbag or case?

    I stuck to the case for good 3~4 months and then I started to feel too week to carry that thing around, especially when I have one more guitar or a fiddle as well. And the transportation rides here are usually rough as hell. It leaves me with this irony. Too tough for either a case or a gigbag...
  13. vylabrie

    washing your hands?

    No. And I don't play anything when my hands got soaked in water, however well I dry them with towel. Gotta be D-R-Y. ;)
  14. vylabrie

    What A Beast!!!!!

    Congratulations! That does look like a beast! (Sound samples!! Sound samples!!)
  15. vylabrie

    Audrey's New Bass

    A cool picture, and of course, a cool bass!!! (Though doesn't it big to be called a small project? ;) )
  16. vylabrie

    Jet alert for Tara.

    Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy your new guitar. So Saturday, huh? How are you gonna stand the looooong wait? :P
  17. vylabrie

    New to site.

    Welcome to the forum, Renegade! Hope you like it here where you'll find very cool folks and a cranky *****y lioness - me - hanging out together. :D
  18. vylabrie

    Australian on board (pun intended)

    Welcome, catstrat! This forum is the coolest guitar-related forum you'll ever find on the web! (I mean, everyone's super-cool!) Hope you get a Gretsch soon and have the most fun in the world with it! :)
  19. vylabrie

    Ladies and Gentlemen, my first Gretsch!! (many, many pics)

    Congratulations!!! How do you like her? (A stupid questoin but I thought you'd love to answer!) Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. I see you're gonna have a wonderful weekend! :D
  20. vylabrie

    Hi All!

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here, which you will! Please post your pictures and music and share it with us. :) Jukey: It seems that you were busy going after the Hilos that you forgot to scream out for the pictures! :P
  21. vylabrie

    Thought I'd start a silly thread....Color preference?

    Gold. (I'm amazed by my answer myself.) Make sure you see all the colors available! I was so sure I wanted an orange G5120 until I saw a picture of G5129. Have a good buy and welcome on the forum! :D
  22. vylabrie

    Crazy Pet Stories

    GreatGretsch: Maybe the next time you can start giving him some carrots before you guys go inside? ;) roadjunkie: I thought retrievers were supposed to retrieve not run away with stuff for people?! Screwy Squirrel: Now that can match that "squirrel in the house" story! :D dafreeze: I'm...
  23. vylabrie

    PA System woes

    Ha ha, I do have a recording of myself playing and singing the U2 song "All I Want Is You" from December 2005. It's got a doggy howling verse sung by 3~4 dogs. ;)
  24. vylabrie

    Crazy Pet Stories

    So let me get it straight. He survived it, forgot about it in a few hours, lived another 8 years after that and became a HUMAN by the time he passed away? :P What an incredible life!! :D
  25. vylabrie

    What is your thumbpick of choice?

    That's the one I tried! Yeah, the fitting wasn't very tight even though the ring was adjustable. I remember I put it on the side at one practice. Then there was a song we were practicing that required slide, which my lead player forgot to bring. He reached out for my thumb pick and tried using...