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  1. kdm1218

    Gretsch power chord too friendly?

    What are you playing through?
  2. kdm1218

    Blacktop filtertron question

    I have a Squier 70s thinline tele I’ve been debating on putting filtertrons in, and then remembered I have an old set of blacktops in my parts. My question is, looking at pickguards made for filtertrons for that style guitar, it seems like they all do wood mount for the height adjustment screws...
  3. kdm1218

    Compton/Tru Arc?

    Stainless is where I’m currently leaning, but what makes you say titanium is even better?
  4. kdm1218

    Compton/Tru Arc?

    Why do you prefer aluminum or brass with filtertrons?
  5. kdm1218

    Compton/Tru Arc?

    I have a 2013 model of the 5435T with TVJ classics, and am considering one of these to help improve sustain versus what I bought it with (a no name roller bridge). My playing is mostly P&W, some classic rock, and a little bit of blues-ish. I’m interested especially in any thoughts from users...
  6. kdm1218

    Fixed that on-or-off tone pot

    I replaced linear in a 5435 in the tone knob, MV, and individual pickup volumes. Tone knob did basically nothing previously, and the others were like on/off switches, at least in that setup. Don’t think I own anything with linear. Truly hope it works for you for what you’re after though!
  7. kdm1218

    Fixed that on-or-off tone pot

    Linear pots are not going to give an even tone sweep.
  8. kdm1218

    NPD New TV Jones Pickups

    Now that’s a cool idea. I bet it sounds great.
  9. kdm1218

    Looper squeals, but only with other pedals

    +1 to the above, the donner supply isn’t isolated, it’s basically a branded daisy chain unfortunately. Especially for power supplies you get what you pay for with budget friendly stuff. Glad you got it worked out.
  10. kdm1218

    Looper squeals, but only with other pedals

    Sounds like you need the looper to have its own power supply. Are you using a daisy chain?
  11. kdm1218

    Filtertron - TV Jones Pickup Question

    If he used 920d they should be able to tell you what they are. Or for that matter your tech should know what he ordered from them to install. TV Jones has info on their site about recommended pot and cap values. I’m sure there is some difference based on the guitar construction and wood but if...
  12. kdm1218


    I actually own my Gretsch from a trade I made for it from a MIM Strat. And now a couple years later I still love the Gretsch and picked up a pawn shop Strat to polish up some. Best of both worlds :)
  13. kdm1218

    Streamliner Controls Questions

    Welcome to the forum! This is just my honest opinion, but if I gave someone a new guitar as a gift and something wasn’t working properly, I would 100% want them to send it back to the dealer (which shouldn’t cost you a penny for a defective guitar) and get one that is working correctly in every...
  14. kdm1218

    ABY with a toggle?

    You have to have power for an LED to function, whether battery or an adapter.
  15. kdm1218

    For Sale G534TG Electromatic Pro Jet Two Tone

    That two tone is cool, good luck!
  16. kdm1218

    The new neck for my Strat “build” arrived

    @radd that looks fantastic. That body finish is my current favorite of all of Fender’s stuff. Your thoughts on the graph tech string tree versus the typical Fender American ones (not the butterflies)? @swivel you might try getting some very fine sandpaper instead of steel wool. I did a roasted...
  17. kdm1218

    Replacing pots on G2215-P90

    Philadelphia luthier supply had started to carry some 10% tolerance CTS pots with metric sized shafts late last summer or early fall, that makes for no reaming and no need for different knobs. I’d check there.
  18. kdm1218

    So, what has your Tele told you lately?

    If you had a tech install it and they did it out of phase and didn’t bother to test their work to find it and correct it before returning the guitar, I think I would personally find a new tech. As for my Tele, in the last several days it has been saying it is jealous of my Gretsch getting all...
  19. kdm1218

    Improve the playability of my Jet?

    I mean if you ordered TV Jones pickups I assume/hope you are keeping the Jet??? Or at least not planning to swap pups in and then possibly back out and return to the store? I’m also curious why you’d keep a guitar where a pickup is cutting out. Even if it just has a bad switch contact point, I...
  20. kdm1218

    Warning: Strat content. Look what my ordered custom neck is going on…

    That body finish is my favorite of the current Fenders. Enjoy!
  21. kdm1218

    Equipping a G2215-P90 with a Bigsby

    The Duesenberg Les Trem II might fit on the 2215 with no mods. You’d need to measure the screw diameter and bridge width to compare against the Duesy and see if it would fit. They are great. You might also be able to look at the Vibramate stuff for a no drill solution, again will require some...
  22. kdm1218

    Filtertron adapter for 3-screw pickup mounting ring?

    TV Jones makes adapters as linked above. If they’re out of stock check Sweetwater as well.
  23. kdm1218

    Gretsch G5220 Neck Pick Up Boomy

    As others have said try lowering the pickup first before you try throwing money/new pickups at it.
  24. kdm1218

    Ever Had Seller's Remorse?

    One MIM Strat that is upgraded with nice Fralin pickups but then fell out of favor with the guitar. Didn’t know back then how to do pickup adjustments and the like and traded it. On the bright side, my trade got me my Electromatic Jet which is also fantastic, and I’ve since bought another...