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  1. Mikus11

    Pick a Setzer Guitar, Any Setzer Guitar

    What's with the lefty guitar on the far right?
  2. Mikus11

    RIP - Scotty Moore

    One of the true greats and a real class act of a man. RIP Scotty Moore.
  3. Mikus11

    If you've been scammed out of money it's your own damn fault

    Dude, pay your taxes. The only thing the government is actually good at doing is collecting taxes and they can make your life miserable. Like coke bottle up your rear with no vasoline kinda miserable.
  4. Mikus11

    Hello from Ontario, Canada

  5. Mikus11

    Made Last Car Payment Today!

    Yup, storing payments is also a nice nest egg in case of an expensive repair.
  6. Mikus11

    Stratocaster players

    The Strat can definitely be a tasty instrument IMO. My favourite Strat player of all time... although Gilmour is also up there. Video posted including Gretsch content :) 990GRjtnkDc Knopfler reminds me I need to put the pick down more often and just use fingers.
  7. Mikus11

    U2 IE Tour

    I think he'll always be most known as a Strat guy. Was good to see him rocking a Gretsch Duo Jet on the first Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show.
  8. Mikus11

    U2 IE Tour

    Bono's arm is the other story. I've heard he is never playing guitar again.
  9. Mikus11

    Stolen Bass in Calgary

    I hate $H*Trats
  10. Mikus11

    Ten Top Female Guitarists

    Was glad to see Nancy Wilson in there. First one that came to mind for me.
  11. Mikus11

    Very sad day RIP BB King

    I heard on the radio driving on a little road trip with my girlfriend. I was immediately moved to play his Live at the Regal album. One I've noted as having some of the most incredible energy I've ever heard recorded. My girlfriend, who had never heard the album before was awe struck at the...
  12. Mikus11

    MXR Classic Overdrive

    I just bought one of these from Drumbob. Haven't had enough time with it yet to form an opinion one way or the other. Sounded good with my SRV signature strat but still need to try the Gretsch's out this weekend.
  13. Mikus11

    Why do people shake after getting beat up?

    Yikes I immediately thought Vietnam vet. Am I wrong? My grandfather's WWII generation, talking about getting shot was somewhat normal talk at the table. Opa was a company commander in Russia. Had been shot and hit by shrapnel, some of it still in his body.
  14. Mikus11

    Why do people shake after getting beat up?

    THIS. I practice Goju-Ryu karate and the goal is to have your technique down to muscle memory, and your body and emotions in check while in this fight or flight mode. Its VERY difficult. I was shaking like a leaf after my last karate grading.
  15. Mikus11

    Hey Y'all

    Nice to have you here. Every winter I threaten to leave this frozen hellhole for good LOL. I could definitely find work down there too and with NAFTA, INS is a breeze. (speaking in very relative terms)
  16. Mikus11

    My oh My. Why did it take me so long!

    Read up on adjusting the pickup heights correctly for filtertrons. Do that before you make any more judgments on the tone of the guitar. It will not hurt even if you do decide to flip the amp.
  17. Mikus11

    ArmyGirl ya made it,,,1001 but Country Gent ain't working!

    The local greenery just never seemed to mesh well with me when I think about traditional Scottish men's wear LOL. Sorry don't mean to be prickly :p
  18. Mikus11

    Eric Clapton Gossip

    Anything more current to talk about than a corpse rotting in the ground for almost 18 years?
  19. Mikus11

    More Fender Blues Junior problems

    Traynor YCV20WR never looked back after ditching the blues jr. Thanks of course to Tony our resident Traynor spook.
  20. Mikus11

    Saturday's Gig

    She grew up all right. Nice maracas! ;) Looks like lots of fun. I dare say I'm jealous of the weather with the longest February deep freeze in recorded history still on-going!
  21. Mikus11

    Installing 19::1 tuners on my Jet

    Its not a bad job. Did you fill in your old holes? I glued in round toothpicks when I installed Grover Sta-Tites
  22. Mikus11

    Cranking the tone pot causes a hiss.

    When you say "crank" do you mean turning the tone control clockwise or anti-clockwise? As you turn anti-clockwise, the treble gets bled to the ground increasingly. At full clockwise, practically none of the signal should be grounded.
  23. Mikus11

    Has anyone on here ever owned a Studebaker?

    Mine was a 1969 Mercury Cyclone my grandmother gave me. 351 V8. Pretty much a deathtrap for me at 16 years old LOL Just looking at this one, reminds me of the smell of the vinyl and the plaid trunk lining with original (deathtrap) bias ply spare.
  24. Mikus11

    Congratulations Mikus!

    LOL I do have an atomic brain. You know, the one powered by the big gorilla in the fez.
  25. Mikus11

    Congratulations Mikus!

    Much better pic I just got with His Excellency.