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  1. Floo

    R.I.P. Sir Sean Connery

    He had just turned 90.
  2. Floo

    Tremblant Int. Blues Festival

    Are any Canadians going to the Tremblant International Blues Festival on July 11th? One of my favourite bands is going to play there, their first gig on the American continent: Thorbjorn Risager And The Black Tornado from Copenhagen, Denmark. If you are going there, don't miss this band. They...
  3. Floo

    Dr. Feelgood - opinions please

    It's somewhat related to drmilktruck 's post about who you'd like to see, still touring. But this one is specific, indeed. Has anybody seen Dr. Feelgood recently? I know there is no original founding member in the lineup anymore, but how do they perform at the moment? Are they worth seeing...
  4. Floo

    Looking for a word - English native speakers please help!

    So I think my English isn't too bad, but I can't figure out this one: the first gig I played with my Bluesband was at an annual Blues-weekend that takes place in a big storage shed/hall that belongs to a timber/lumber trade. They normally store all kinds of lumber there, construction...
  5. Floo

    RIP Coco Schumann

    At the age of 93, German Jazz guitarist and KZ-survivor Coco Schumann has passed away. He was a legend, still playing regularly until his 90th birthday in Berlin's clubs.
  6. Floo

    First gig with 2622 "George"

    On Friday I had the first gig with my modified 2622 that I called "George". I really can say that I don't have any reason to regret buying this guitar, it felt good and comfortable all the time, and with my mods, it even sounded better than I expected - especially the combination of both pups in...
  7. Floo

    Danish Band playing Harmony guitars

    Last night we have been to fantastic concert: the danish band Thorbjørn Risager and the Black Tornado played a great show of more than two hours with high energy, lots of fun for the band and audience and mostly original songs. They have been to the UK recently. The lead guitarist sometimes uses...
  8. Floo

    NGD - or: how to personalize a guitar

    Hello everybody, for some months I've been saving up small amounts of money to buy a new guitar as an upgrade for my ES-335-wannabe (Thomann brand "Harley Benton"). I got that guitar off the 'bay just to try it, liked it enough to throw in good pups, a LesTrem II and play it for several years...
  9. Floo

    iPad to replace printed lyrics on music-stand?

    Some time ago somebody here mentioned using an iPad instead of sheet-music and a device for scrolling via footswitch. My wife has to remember lots of lyrics for three bands and uses a music-stand and printed lyrics in case she's missing a line. Now since she got herself an iPad, she's keen on...
  10. Floo

    Great gig last night

    So we had a phantastic gig last night, playing a two hours + set of mostly blues, soul and funky tunes. The band had a lot of fun, and the audience as well. This was the first time we were playing two original songs with German lyrics, and the audience enjoyed them, so this will be a direction...
  11. Floo

    Orange Hollowbody Gretsch!

    Well, I've just started watching some video-snippets from our gig last saturday. They still need a lot of editing and downsizing, but form what I've seen until now, I can only say: nuthin's as cool as a big fat hollow orange Gretsch! Just the look of it, it screams "cool guitar". Yeah, i love my...
  12. Floo

    Les Trem II - finally installed

    So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of buying @Bill 's slightly used Les Trem II. I'm still saving for an Epi Dot to use it on, but in the meantime I have bolted it to my rather cheap ES-335-wannabe. Results so far: it's working fine, no doubt. Even with the ToM and a set of already used...
  13. Floo


    A few days ago, forum member Bill had a slightly used Les Trem II for sale. After a few thoughts (and asking my Minister of Finances), I decided to give myself a treat for Christmas! It arrived here yesterday, I just took it out of the original box, looked at it and can't see but the lightest...
  14. Floo

    Advent Season

    For our gig yesterday we had to have a christmas-song. We decided on Rudolph, the red-nosed Reindeer, because Petra, the "leader" of our "horn section" already had it written down for two saxophones, and it's quite easy to play in a Rock'n'Roll-ish style. She even brought the matching Santa-hats...
  15. Floo

    Cliff Bennett - Got To Get You Into My Life

    Somewhere I've read that Paul and John wrote this for him and recorded it with the Beatles after Cliff. I prefer his version.
  16. Floo

    Guess who

    Guess who I saw on Friday night?
  17. Floo

    My band on youtube (acoustic - no Gretsch)

    Hello everybody, my wonderful wife did some video-editing and put up a clip on youtube. This was a gig in last summer at the annual "City Blues" in a local timber-trade. We were opening that saturday evening for the Denmark-based "Thorbjorn Risager Band" and had about 1300 people in front of...
  18. Floo

    Irish Tour '74

    Hello everybody, I just watched the "Rory Gallagher Irish Tour" DVD, and although there are some sloppy cuts, it's pure magic to me. He didn't play any Gretsch then... well, anyway, I would say he's my favourite guitarist. What a shame I never got to seeing him live at all. A tragic loss, for...
  19. Floo

    Please allow me...

    Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm am man of, well, more taste than wealth, so it took some time to get myself a Gretsch. The need was there for some 25 years, when i got my hands on George Harrison's Cloud Nine LP with that fine Duo Jet on the cover and my brother had those Stray Cats...

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