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  1. GretschSwing

    Tommy Harkenrider on a TK CC-equipped Tele ... just cuz

    ... well, I really like this guy's playing and always hear good sounds from TK Smith's take on the Charlie Christian pup, so ... the latest from Tommy's channel; he's running flat 12's on that Tele and going through a "Class A custom amp by Kevin Nelson":
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    Joel Paterson: Cubs Fan

    The latest at his youtube channel -- I see he's all primed for game 7:
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    Tommy E, Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo

    Well, youtube just recommended this one to me -- I think it's the first TE I've checked out that had under three zillion likes, though why I can't say. I always like to hear Tommy playing with Frank and Vinny, as those two really seem to bring out his jazz side. Here they are, playing Benny...
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    Guitars vs. Guitar Playing

    Well, there you have it. Just curious -- With your friends and fellow musicians and in forums, in which subject are you more interested or take greater enjoyment in discussing?
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    GP: Advice From 25 "Guitar Stars" List

    I found this today in email: 25 Guitar Stars Tell You How To Play Better Right Now Some of the entries sounded familiar, so I think I've read it before. I find myself wondering now, though, if anyone here has a favorite tip from this list. I found several that I liked, some from sources I...
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    Happy Birthday, John Lennon!

    A big influence for many of us in here, I would say. Seventy-six today, if ... The 6120DC may not have seen much use, but it did show up on "Paperback Writer."
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    Chord Melody on a 1932 L-5

    The latest from Jonathan Stout. His L-5 is two years older than the tune he's playing, "Moonglow":
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    Chord Melody on a Vintage Gibson Acoustic Archtop

    Just stumbled upon this recent video today. I'm a big fan of Jonathan Stout's playing, because he's both an excellent musician and a very vocal disciple of my favorite guitarist, Allan Reuss. Marty Grosz and Bucky Pizzarelli remain, IMO, the greatest living representatives of this style, but...
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    More Vinny Raniolo Guitar + Instruction

    A few weeks ago, I posted a video with Vinny Raniolo, currently best known as Frank Vignola's duo partner, in charge of rhythm chores. Today, GtrWorkShp uploaded two companion vids, in which Vinny demonstrates some of the inversions that make possible those quick changes that are both a...
  10. GretschSwing

    "Rock" Music: Guitarist Matt Munisteri Plays Django in Hunter Canyon

    Well, here's something I hadn't known about until now: The Moab Music Festival, an annual event held in the city of Moab -- county seat of Grand County, Utah -- and touted by its organizers as "music in concert with the landscape." The festival, whose 24th and most recent edition spanned...
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    Julian Lage: "Exotic" Tune on a Tele

    Well, Julian has to be the youngest person whose music I follow. I hear a lot of dead people. ... Anyway, always glad to find a new upload from his youtube channel. Here's the latest: I love what he gets out of a Tele! The expectation seems to be that a jazz guitarist plays a "jazz...
  12. GretschSwing

    Good Interview-Session w/ Vinny Raniolo, Frank Vignola's Duo Partner

    Well, this is just my thing, this vid posted today by GtrWorkShp. I saw Frank Vignola some few years ago and that was my introduction to his duo partner Vinny Raniolo. I remember he looked very young (in this small, intimate setting, Ann Arbor MI's The Ark, you can see well), but he played...
  13. GretschSwing

    Chris Scruggs: Carrying On A Great Musical Tradition

    Yesterday, I posted the Epiphone youtube channel's latest Masterbilt "Century" series demos, two of which feature multi-instrumentalist and keeper of the famed family flame, Chris Scruggs. While I do think it would have been helpful if in these vids he had chopped out a little swing rhythm on...
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    Joel Paterson (... again): '45 Gibson L7

    Two JP threads from me in a matter of a few days. ... Gotta promote this guy, as I think he's great. The latest from his channel: I love his sound.
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    Song Types: Your Preferences

    Right now, I'm listening to a youtube lecture entitled "End Writer's Block" from the Berklee Online channel (hey, I didn't get to attend Berklee). This discussion has me thinking about both the different types of lyrics as well as vocal/lyrical music versus instrumental. I often run across...
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    Joel Paterson w/Gretsch Content (though not his)

    Periodically I do a Joel search in youtube; sometimes new stuff comes up besides what he posts at his own channel. This time I found an extended session in which he's an added sideman in Bailey Dee's combo; a while back, you might remember, @MBERTHOLD posted a clip of that group. Here, Joel...
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    Listening & Playing: How Diverse Are You?

    Just curious -- as usual. We all have our favorite musical genre(s) and artist(s), but we do come in contact with other stuff, too. Besides diverse -- if indeed you are -- how open do you feel you are to new material? I'll begin: My big love and main focus for the past roughly thirty years...
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    In Case You Haven't Seen The New Bass Player

    I'm assuming most folks have heard of Koko the gorilla ... amazingly human -- in all the good ways. I subscribe to her youtube channel and this one's the latest. It's been making the rounds though, it seems, so perhaps you've caught it: This tableau of Flea reclining nonchalantly while Koko...
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    Music Theory Amateurs: Anyone use these sites?

    I can play it better than I can explain how to play it or what it's composed of. That pretty much sums up my knowledge of music theory. Actually, I do OK at plodding my way through figuring out the best fingering or construction of a chord in the context of the overall song, but sometimes I...
  20. GretschSwing

    Favorite Guitar Content Albums/CD's

    Sometimes I listen for the overall effect, the atmosphere, that a certain album/CD provides -- or sometimes for the memories it stirs. But often I'll put on something just for the guitars specifically, just to hear great sound out of and playing on this instrument I love. Let's hear your...
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    "That Would Be Something"

    I get mail from Acoustic Guitar every day, it seems. Today, in honor of "Throwback Thursday," it was a link to a brief article about Paul McCartney's '91 Unplugged appearance and "That Would Be Something," in particular. This, from the article, by Mark Kemp: When Paul McCartney strapped on...
  22. GretschSwing

    Chet in GT on Sunday ... well, just 'cause

    When I'm in youtube and I check out a Chet, I find he's kind of like potato chips. ... and finally some silliness. ... I guess Minnie didn't know about Bigsbys:
  23. GretschSwing

    Who Always Sounds Good?

    ... regardless of guitar brand/model and gear? I'm not talking about sound as it relates to a dazzling technique or "style" -- I just mean whose sound always seems to captivate you? It seems just too simple to trot out the old "The tone is in the fingers," as we might really like the way...
  24. GretschSwing

    Keef Talks Scotty

    Though more than capable of, and somewhat inclined toward, delivering a resounding diss, Keith can also be lavish in his praise for at least a few among his fellow artists. GP linked me to Rolling Stone for Mr. Richards' reflections on the man he says was his "hero," Scotty Moore...
  25. GretschSwing

    Brit "Guitarist" Magazine Reviews the G5420T and G5422TG

    Here 'tis, posted today by one of my 'tube subscriptions: