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  1. Jackal

    BT Broad'Tron Adjustment?

    Anyone know the recommended pickup height for BT Broadtrons or are they the same as BT Filtertrons? I assume the pole screw adjustment works the same way as well? Are these basically just wider BTFT's with more/less windings, or are there more substantial differences? Any idea how they stack up...
  2. Jackal

    Need toggle and momentary switches for a G5222

    I'm looking to pickup a G5222 to slap some 11-49's or 11-52's on and see what I can get out of it in E/D/C tunings. I want to pull the pup vol pots and tone knob in favor of a kill switch (preferably "matching" the pup switch) and maybe even a momentary switch for some Matt Pike action. I just...
  3. Jackal

    D'Addario XL vibrato reinforced strings discontinued? EKXL

    They are the normal XL's with soldiered ends for vibrato / Bigsby use / tuning stability. I run the EKXL110 (10-46) on my Pro Jet and EKXL115 (11-49) on my 5420. I went looking at their current offerings and noticed the EKXL was missing and out of stock "everywhere". I emailed their support...
  4. Jackal

    Tone and pup volume pot removal?

    I'm thinking of bypassing the tone and pickup volume knobs on my G5439 Electromatic Pro Jet. It's one of the oddballs with the wonky tone knob position from 2014. I might even remove the pots and knobs themselves if I can find something cool to plug the holes. Not only to reduce dead weight, but...
  5. Jackal

    Doom metal rig and G5222 questions

    Hello, I have a G5439 that I added a B3C and aluminum Comptonsator bridge to, as well as a G5420T w/ aluminum Tru-Arc SerpenTune bridge. I usually use standard tuning and try to play rockabilly stuffs, but after picking up a Nocturne Fuzz Ray and a Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra, I got sucked into...
  6. Jackal

    Signal chain sanity check

    I know it's subjective and there is no absolute right or wrong and I have read many articles / takes on the theory, but I wanted to run my setup by the good folks here to get some opinions. I go straight into my Fuzz Ray, jump over to my Dyno Brain, then into the front-end of my Super Sonic-22...
  7. Jackal

    For Trade Trinity 14" Dark Hi-Hats (B20)

    -Way Huge - Swollen Pickle mkII: As new, only messed with a few times. The left internal pot is switched over from the silicon diodes to the LEDs, voice is in the stock position. -14" Trinity Dark HiHat Pair Cymbal - Legacy Series, lightly used, like new Expressive, musical, earthy with a nice...
  8. Jackal

    Can I get some cymbal recommendations?

    Sorry, I'm not a member of any drum forums and saw a few posts here about drums so I figured I'd give it a shot. My 10 y/o has decided he needs some drums in his life, and I am all too happy to oblige. He decided on the Gretsch Catalina Birch 5-pc. (22" kick / 16" FT) in satin black w/ G3...
  9. Jackal


    Anyone using 432? Any intonation or fret scale issues to consider? I've seen many YT vids on dropping down, but there is 1 that I found where the guy said you cannot properly drop down with typical fret spacing. Thoughts? Will I notice I'm "off" while practicing along with 50's Rockabilly...
  10. Jackal

    Fender Super-Sonic 22 tube rattle, curious about mods, have questions

    I have a blonde/oxblood model from 2011 that I picked up just over a year ago. It had supposedly just gotten its first power tube replacement (stock GTs) and a re-bias at the time. They at least looked pretty clean/clear. I don't have any real complaints about the amp other than some vicious...
  11. Jackal

    Swollen Pickle on the way I discovered that my "My Twangy Guitar" Grady Martin lessons included Marty Robbins's - Don't Worry and that I just had to have some fuzz for that. After briefly researching here, I decided to try the Swollen Pickle. Seems to cover both early and late Hendrix style fuzz, so I assume that...
  12. Jackal

    String and BT filtertron height? 5435 & 5420

    Here are how my Electromatics were setup from the factory, I adjusted them the best I could and will test them out tonight, but I wanted to compare notes with those much more knowledgeable about guitars than myself. TVJ spec approximately 5/32" at the bridge and 6/32" at the neck. -G5439 Pro...
  13. Jackal

    Any Labor Day sales?

    I have a silver sparkle G5439 Pro Jet that I slapped a B3C Bigsby on, but I can't get my mind off of a G5420T in satin orange. (Even though the Fairlane Blue is KILLER and I am a blue blood Ford guy. Thank God they don't offer one in Rangoon Red.) I found one on Guitar Center's site that is used...
  14. Jackal

    5420T in Wichita

    Killer deal ($400) and maybe negotiable. Was going to make the drive to get it before looking into the differences between first gen and current, but decided to pay double for current model I guess. :\ Sorry if...
  15. Jackal

    Chuck Hughes / Hillbilly Hellcats Guitar Lessons!

    Caught his FB post yesterday afternoon: Free previews and 2 complete lessons for free.
  16. Jackal

    Want to upgrade my output jack (5435/5439 ProJet)

    Can someone point me in the right direction for an upgraded jack? Is there anything else I should consider addressing? I used to hate the toggle switch, but after a short break-in it actually stopped cutting out on the neck pickup position and has been working perfectly. Thanks!
  17. Jackal

    Dyno Brain in effects loop or in front of amp?

    Just got the pedal from JLD4133 (thanks John!) and was hoping someone could help me over complicate this. ;) G5439 with a Super-Sonic 22 amp. Only other pedal is an Aqua-Puss. I dl'd the owner's manual and google searched, even filtering for this site and I'm still not sure if I should run the...
  18. Jackal

    Lightning took my Orange 35LDX ss, what tube to replace with? ...and how to fix the Orange?

    Bummed, it's nearly brand new and I didn't have any complaints about it other than being a solid state of course. I see lots of affordable tubes on CL but I don't know the first thing about any of them. Could I get some recommendations? I don't want to spend more than $500 due to also having to...
  19. Jackal

    Make me a bridge recommendation?

    Attached a pic of my modded 5439 Pro Jet. She has developed a B-string buzz so I figure a bridge upgrade is in order. I need to pickup a replacement pickguard bracket anyway due to peeling chrome plating. What would be a good bridge for this setup with B3C and the Towner down tension rod? I...
  20. Jackal

    Need string advice. Rockabilly / Blues

    I've read about using "heavier" .11-.12 strings, flat-wound jazz strings, etc., but i am clueless and it doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of room in the action for significantly larger strings. Any idea what the stock string size is on the Pro Jet? I know the choice is completely...
  21. Jackal

    Bigsby B3C on a Pro Jet?

    I bought a G5439 w/o the Bigs because I wanted to put the extra $100 toward a real B3C and didn't want to have to hide the holes with the B7, but I had completely forgotten about the tailpiece, and I have seen where people have mixed results with the strings not staying in the saddles and the...
  22. Jackal

    G5439 Pro Jet issues with the master tone?

    Hello, just got my 6 y/o his first guitar last weekend, and I decided that I should go ahead and get my own so he can have his back. ;) I've been fiddling around with stand-up rockabilly drums for a few years now and I used to have a clawhammer banjo, but I wouldn't consider myself to be...