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  1. ManMartin

    Just picked up a DM-3 anyone else using one too?

    Hi I own an old Boss CS3 Compressor and I had problems with it when using it with a regulated 9v power supply but not with batteries. Now I know why. My comment is that it seems that you said that the solution is to jump the resistor that is in series with the power coming from the power...
  2. ManMartin

    New Fiat 500 (Soon)

    There is a long-standing rumour that Steven Spielberg saw Castle of Cagliostro when it was shown at the Cannes film festival and called its car chase one of the greatest chase sequences ever filmed (with a Fiat 500!). enjoy
  3. ManMartin

    New Pro Jet Black with Bigsby

    Hi Being lefty I can not use a schaller roller bridge cause their saddles are built in angle, but right handed players can. My experience with this GFS roller bridge is very positive (it solved my bridge buzz comming from the saddle and the retainer) that is the reason I post it. I tried...
  4. ManMartin

    New Pro Jet Black with Bigsby

    Hi I will try this bridge first. If the problem is still there I will go for an expensive solution. I bought it by mistake so I can give you exact measurements if you need them. I had good results with the wood base roller bridge version of it for my Brian Setzer model LINK cheers.
  5. ManMartin

    Gibson SG Left Handed with p90 question

    hi I recently bought a Gibson SG Left Handed with p90 and the pots are soldered not as a lefty but as a normal guitar. Seller said gibson always solder pots circuits this way in lefties. Is this true? link thanks Cheers from Spain
  6. ManMartin

    hofner guitar

    thanks for the links. I don't know before but with the modern tuners its not well balanced but as I am lefty I cant really play it. cheers
  7. ManMartin

    hofner guitar

    s/n 1816 . logo reads "hofner distributedd by selmer london foreign" more pictures added
  8. body


  9. full view from the headstock

    full view from the headstock

  10. ManMartin

    hofner guitar

    Only the tuners and the bridge is changed, the rest is original. He got the original tuners in the case but with the big holes of the new ones the old ones will not fit. he also has the original wood bridge in the case but the B string saddle is missing. Once the neck was broken and...
  11. ManMartin

    hofner guitar

    I have been working on a hofner guitar from the sixties from a friend, this the final result. cheers
  12. hofner guitar

    hofner guitar

  13. ManMartin

    Triple Jet Build

    Hi Can you tell us if this is a roller bridge and where to get it? thanks,
  14. ManMartin

    cool guitar

    found the link to the page link
  15. ManMartin

    DiPinto on its way

    with a v b3 bigsby must to be even cooler. congrats.setting up this guitar
  16. ManMartin

    cool guitar

    from fender japan, they got the coolest fender guitars evar.
  17. ManMartin

    Tusq nut and Sperzel tuners

    is the tusq pre sloted or you must to do it by yourself?
  18. ManMartin

    this is the weirdest Strat I've ever seen...

    If any of you got the catalog images or a link please post it. thanks.
  19. ManMartin

    this is the weirdest Strat I've ever seen...

    Even for a lefty like me, I feel like something is wrong...
  20. ManMartin

    5120, old bridge buzzy, new bridge question

    Hi, I had buzz in my new bridge and I bought this bridge to try Here are two pictures of it. I am happy with the result cause no more buzz and it stays in tune very well (thanks to the locking tuners too). Before, because the bridge is pinned, the entire bridge tents to wave with...
  21. roller bridge big picture

    roller bridge big picture

  22. roller bridge

    roller bridge

  23. ManMartin

    Gretsch Custom Shop Tour (Premier Guitar)

    any idea how much is a duo jet from the custom shop?? thanks