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  1. nadles

    A trip to the Tropical North

    I've just returned from a trip to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland which made a nice break from winter in Melbourne. I was there with my ukulele band mates attending the Cairns Ukulele Festival which is the largest event of its kind in Oz. Our band had a great time, two formal gigs, one...
  2. nadles

    2003 Roundup for sale in Melbourne Oz.

    Just saw this and thought I'd post it for any one interested :) I have no affiliation with the seller!
  3. nadles

    New Project

    Picked this up at a local cash Converters during the week. It's a 1930s? Melody Major Banjo Mandolin. Its in very good condition for its age, but has a high action and a slight neck alignment issue. Its all original except for the tailpiece which is from. 5 string banjo I began the...
  4. nadles

    New PA Day

    Just picked up one of these on eBay. Got a great price as it was faulty. Turns out the problem was 1 burnt out IC. Replacement ordered and it should be here today or tomorrow. It's very compact and fits in the boot of my car.:-)
  5. nadles

    Travel Ukuleles

    Thought I'd post this in case anyone is interested in Ukuleles ;). In August I'm attending the Cairns Ukulele Festival. So i decided to have a go at making an electric travel ukulele that would fit in my carry on bag. My first attemp was concert (15") scale and is my version, of someone...
  6. nadles

    Epiphone White Falcon?

    This is currently for sale in Oz. The owner says he's had it for 15 years:
  7. nadles

    Five Days in South Australia

    I just got back from a short holiday on South Australia's Limestone Coast and, following on from Audept's thread about Western Australia, thought I'd share some pics The kitsch - The Big Lobster at Kingston The Caledonian Inn at Robe - The best Guinness on tap in SA! The main street of...
  8. nadles

    Another Op Shop find

    Found this in a local op shop. Some very nice guitar and sax playing on this album and the record is in excellent condition. It was a good day shopping, I also found a snare drum in perfect condition :).
  9. nadles

    N?D - Op Shop Find

    It's amazing what you can find at an Op Shop (Thrift shop). I was out op shopping with my wife when I found this: It's a 14 string Filipino Bandurria. It has a pleasant mandolinish tone and is tuned F#, B, E, A, D, G. So far I've been playing single note melody lines which sound quite...
  10. nadles


    I currently play in an acoustic/jug band. Although I mostly play banjo and lap steel I decided I needed an acoustic guitar. A local music store was having an Epiphone sale and I went along to check out an EJ-200 SCE. I had intemded to compare the EJ-200 with a Masterbilt DR-500, but...
  11. nadles

    White Falcon Love

    We had a muso friend and his wife over the other night. His wife doesn't play and doesn't understand GAS. He took her into my music room to show her what a "real" music room looked like. Anyway she looked around (there were 10 or so guitars on the wall and on stands) then pointed at the...
  12. nadles

    Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and Gretschy New Year. 2016 is 5 minutes old on the East Coast of Australia.
  13. nadles

    Got Paid A Compliment The Other Night

    Recently I've been recording original material with a couple of singer songwriters. I've been playing banjo and bass on the songs. Just before Christmas one of the others brought a friend in her early 20s, around to do some background/harmony vocals on one of his songs. She hadn't heard the...
  14. nadles

    New Banjo Day

    I've been wanting to get a better 5 string banjo with tone ring for some time. Anyway a couple of weeks ago, with no warning, She who must be obeyed told me that I could spend up to $2000 AUD on a good banjo!! She explained that this was my combined Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas present...
  15. nadles

    DIY Weissenborn/Dobro Capo

    I've been playing my weissenborn a lot a jams recently and have received a number of compliments on its tone. We're also using it on some songs we're rehearsing for some upcoming performances. Unfortunately not all songs are in G and I quickly discovered that I needed a capo to allow the use...
  16. nadles

    Electric Resonator Guitar Kit Build

    About a year ago I won a 335 style resonator kit guitar on eBay. Other projects got in the way and I never got around to doing anything with it. Till now! So the first step today was to do the obligatory mock up to make sure all the bits fit - And they do. There are 3 holes that don't...
  17. nadles

    DIY Resonator Pickup

    While waiting on parts for my bass uke, I decided to fit an internal pickup to my Recording King Resonator guitar. I'd already made a contact microphone from a piezo disc I'd removed from a small electronc buzzer. I'd covered the piezo disc with epoxy for rigidity and to protect the solder...
  18. nadles

    Ukulele Bass (Micro-Bass) Conversion

    While I wait delivery of parts for my banjolele build, I'm starting my second ukulele project. In this case it's the conversion of a 1/2 size childs guitar to a ukulele bass. Irecently played a Kala U-Bass and loved the tone, but not the $700 price tag. So here's the donor guitar and the...
  19. nadles

    Banjolele Build

    I'm building a banjolele and thought I'd create a thread in case anyone else is interested in making one. The body is an 8" tunable hand drum and the neck is tenor scale. Here are the parts I've collected so far. The banjo tailpiece, bridge and tuners should arrive in the next week...
  20. nadles

    It's amazing what you find in a toy shop

    I was with my wife in a department store today when I found this in the toy section. its a three string cigar box style guitar kit. Basic assembly is simply fitting the bridge, nut and string ferrules then stringing it. It even comes with lessons and backing tracks and a slide. Once...
  21. nadles

    Planning a New Amp Build

    I’ve got the urge to build a low power Matchless/Vox top boost style amp. I went through the parts box to see what’s there and I have most of the parts (including transformers) for a 5W single ended EL84 amp with 2x12AX7’s in the preamp. Originally I was thinking of something like a Bad Cat...
  22. nadles

    Vintage 1950s Gretsch 6161 amp on Aussie eBay

    Just spotted this and the seller ships OS.
  23. nadles

    NGD Tomorrow - Weissenborn

    I love the sound of Weissenborns and finally decided to get one. Ordered it this morning and it should arrive tomorrow. Solid mahogany top, back and sides, rope binding, thin satin finish and both piezo and magnetic pickups. Here's a stock photo from seller.
  24. nadles

    Burns Vibrato/Tremolo on Australian eBay

    Spotted this Burns Vibrato/Tremolo on Aussie eBay. May be of interest to those building Malcolm Young jets.
  25. nadles

    The Story of Vox and the AC30

    Just stumbled upon this BBC doco on the AC30 and Vox. Vox Pop - The Story of Dick Denney and the AC30 amp - YouTube