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  1. Frank_NH

    New '89 Duo/Sparkle Jets

    I always liked the wide headstock look of the 90's jets. Now you can get a "new" one! :)
  2. Frank_NH

    NAD...It's a Fender...

    ...Super Champ X2 Stack! I picked this rig up used on, and the deal included head, cab, and foot switch (on the lower left). It's 15 loud twin 6V6 tube watts with a DSP solid state preamp and a 12AX7 used for a phase inverter (I believe). The speaker cab houses a 1x12 Fender...
  3. Frank_NH

    New telecaster day!

    This is a project guitar that I finally finished last weekend. It's a '72 Telecaster Deluxe parts-caster, all components being acquired from eBay or Reverb. Here are the stats: Fender 72 Deluxe RI tobacco sunburst body Matching MIM Deluxe neck Kluson locking tuners Vintage-style Wide Range...
  4. Frank_NH

    NPD - Way Huge Saucy Box

    I've been wanting a well-built boost/overdrive to kick up my solos at gigs and perhaps provide a nice "edge of breakup" tone without sounding like a Tube Screamer. Enter the Way Huge Saucy Box! I just got this yesterday and had some limited playing time with it. First, it's definitely a...
  5. Frank_NH

    NPD - slapback delay

    I'm putting together an all analog pedalboard, and wanted a delay pedal just for clean, country-rock slapback. I'd always wanted to try the Way Huge Aqua Puss (having received numerous great reviews on various guitar forums), and I found one on for a good price. So far, I'm VERY...
  6. Frank_NH

    Tele + TV Jones = ?

    Awesome!! :) Since I helped start the TV Jones telecaster pickup awareness, I thought I'd post some pictures of my recent install. First, the lucky transplant recipient - a 1996 American Standard Telecaster. I purchased this guitar from a friend specifically so I could try out the pickups...
  7. Frank_NH

    TV Jones T-Style Single-Coil Pickups!

    Whoa...time to start thinking about that new Tele Partscaster project!! :)
  8. Frank_NH

    Which pickup position do you use most?

    I've been playing a lot of gigs lately with my 6120N (with the DSW as backup), and the band I play with does mainly rock, country rock, and blues (e.g. Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, BB King, Buddy Holly, and even an AC/DC song!). I have my overdrive on probably 75% of the time and it...
  9. Frank_NH

    Cadillac Green Country Gent!

    From Musician's Friend...I like it! :) Cadillac Green Country Gentleman - Custom Color
  10. Frank_NH

    Hey from New Hampshire

    Hi all, Just joined today...hope to contribute here as I can. I own an early 2000s pre-FMIC 6120N (New Nashville, the one with the florentine cutaway - see my avatar :)). Love the thin body and centerblock (a la ES-335) construction.