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  1. yettoblaster

    That nice man, Michiel Helsloot...

    ...arranged to have a Compton bridge (complete with base and brass bridge) sent to me at my house. Very generous and promoting of the whole Gretsch and this site's experience. What a guy! I have not as yet installed it, but am planning to sometime this weekend between gigs, and will...
  2. yettoblaster

    Wife: "Survivor!"

    Saw my wife's Pulmonary Specialist today. Her PET scans are clear and she's in remission from lung cancer. He said not to have another PET/CT scan for at least a year if there are no other symptoms, as it's bad practice since "there's nothing to see!" Roberta's officially in remission...
  3. yettoblaster

    Mike Bloomfield

    I posted this at the other forum, but I think they've been down since then.:( I was a Folkie in Boston in the 1960's, that is until Paul Butterfield Blues Band came to town! Went electric then! Mike Bloomfield brought a LOT to the party when I was a teenager! The first Butterfield...
  4. yettoblaster

    avatar test

    test complete
  5. yettoblaster

    Going offline for a few days

    The ol' computor needs a visit to the Geek squad to clean out some old Trojans, etc. I'll be back, but not sure when. They said "Drop it off, it might take 5 business days." See ya! Meanwhile, be sure to keep your thumbs on the back of your (guitar's) neck!:p
  6. yettoblaster

    Archtops generally

    I've never sold off an archtop of ANY caliber that I didn't regret it later. I miss them all: gone but not forgotten. They're pricey, so I've had to trade in many times for another that winked at me. But at the end of the day they're the only kind I seem to miss once they're gone onto the...
  7. yettoblaster

    test 6120 pic