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  1. Lockupyourfatdog

    Wearing shorts on stage

    On stage I have to wear a costume to be comfortable. Off stage I’m quiet, self conscious, reserved-so I need a character to play when I’m onstage. If that character wore shorts so be it, but for now it’s a suit and tie
  2. Lockupyourfatdog

    Which model Gretsch?

    Yeah that’s right!
  3. Lockupyourfatdog

    Which model Gretsch?

    I had one of those. I think it’s a G1921
  4. Lockupyourfatdog

    NGD! Only slightly modified

    1/8. Got them from stewmac
  5. Lockupyourfatdog

    NGD! Only slightly modified

    I feel they have a little more bite on the low end and have a bit more growl. A definite improvement but I’m still going to replace them with custom ones once I can get them made
  6. Lockupyourfatdog

    NGD! Only slightly modified

    I decided my black rat rod was so cool I needed a spare so I got a white one. It arrived with the worst set up I’ve ever seen. Must have been new hire day at the factory. The neck had serious backbow, frets were unlevel and had sharp ends, bridge was set really high. Luckily I can do that work...
  7. Lockupyourfatdog

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    Oh I changed the pickups to hs filtertrons immediately and took off the pick guard. I wasn’t having that. But I love matte black guitars and with Gretsch there aren’t many options for that. I got the white one now too. I’m putting my own pickups in that one
  8. Lockupyourfatdog

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    As of last month I thought my falcon was the perfect guitar but I ended up getting a rat rod and it’s become my absolute favorite. It’s by far the most comfortable and easy to play. I like it so much I bought another one. I change my mind all the time but for now the rat rod is my holy grail guit
  9. Lockupyourfatdog

    V: the 1980’s Sci-Fi Phenomena

    Yeah! Love that show!
  10. Lockupyourfatdog

    My Electro-MOD-ics!

    Great work! I’d be proud to have those
  11. Lockupyourfatdog

    Finally, I picked up a Gretsch...

    Love that color!
  12. Lockupyourfatdog

    My band has a new video about that time we saved the world. Hope you enjoy!

    I’m 99% sure the falcon in the video is the guitar I recorded this with.
  13. Lockupyourfatdog

    5 electromatics returned

    I’ve mentioned my falcon with the cheap paint job a couple times. Joe Carducci retired and there’s no one left to keep them from cutting corners. I still play Gretsch because it’s the sound I like but I won’t buy new anymore
  14. Lockupyourfatdog

    Gretsch Filtertrons in G5420TG - Fitting and sounds

    Oh I order screws from tv Jones
  15. Lockupyourfatdog

    NGD Rat Rod

    Nice score!
  16. Lockupyourfatdog

    Think I may have found my guitar pick

    Nice! I use Ernie Ball Prodigy 1.5. I prefer the black ones over the white ones. I tape them to my fingers though so grip doesn’t mean much to me
  17. Lockupyourfatdog

    At home amps

    I use the same amp at home or on stage. A Vox ac15c2. It has the sound I like and it has a master volume and a channel volume so I can make the volume as low as I want and not lose the essence of the sound
  18. Lockupyourfatdog

    Gretsch 5427 string recommendation for good twang ?

    I use d’addario 11s. They sound great and twangy. It was the preferred string of Poison Ivy of the Cramps. If it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me
  19. Lockupyourfatdog

    Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?

    Hmm. I played mine the other day. It definitely has a chunkier neck. Mine is from the first year. Maybe they’ve changed it since 🤷‍♂️
  20. Lockupyourfatdog

    Which quite amp for condo that won’t hide my mistakes?

    I’d go with a Roland micro cube. They’re small and portable. Can get really loud when you want. Great tones and relatively useful effects. It’ll let you know if you’re sounding sour. It’s in your price range too
  21. Lockupyourfatdog

    Masterbuilt Penguin on CL

    People looking for guitars on Craigslist don’t drop over 6 grand. They’ll get an offer to trade a squier strat and a crate amp for it.
  22. Lockupyourfatdog

    Replacement pickup/mounting rings

    I just got some black rings for my last project from eBay. Just google Gretsch black pickup rings and lots of options come up
  23. Lockupyourfatdog

    Upgrade from Streamliner to Electromatic?

    For me the electros are easier to play. The neck isn’t as chunky as the 2420s
  24. Lockupyourfatdog

    Gretschbucker > TV Jones Power'Tron question

    I’d say bridge. But then again I never really use the neck pickup with the stuff I play. I have a powertron + in the bridge on my falcon and it gets heavy if you want it to