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    TV Jones T90

    Wowser 80 + views and no has tried them I guess!
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    telecaster electronics help!

    Yeah, Tex Mex are good and a bargain. That happened to me. Had a set of Texas Special Strat pups around, went to use them and one is just plain dead. No broken wire visible! Ugh. Go figger.
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    What are the essential amps?

    BFDR or SF BF Princeton Reverb or SF Z Carmen Ghia Some more wattage, Maybe a Vibrolux or a Super reverb.
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    TV Jones T90

    Are they anything like a P90? Also, it's confusing, I see some that look like a Filtertron pole layout and some that look more like a P90 and etc...?
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    telecaster electronics help!

    YEAH, check the little thin wires that solder to a round glob on the pickup base. They break easy, like just inserting through the pickup opening. BUT WAIT..., it's a TELE, you didnt have to touch the bridge pickup did you?
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    Wearing shorts on stage

    I'm thinkin'........ yeah..... sure!.......
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    String tension chart (in case anyone was curious...)

    It shouldn't be, the string tension is higher on the 25.5 scale to get the string to the same note.
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    String tension chart (in case anyone was curious...)

    Conversion necks are sold by most neck makers. they just bolt right on. I bought one recently on Ebay by an American maker. He uses a bunch of oddball woods, but it's a great neck and was about $140 unfinished, but with frets and specs I like. No idea why he uses such oddball wood, this one is...
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    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive delay pedal

    The Donner Rev Echo is Reverb and Echo and both are quite good. I've kept it longer than expnsive ones. I dont like echo that muddy's up the sound.,
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    Quick cabinet wiring question:

    Yes, that's your parallel hookup.
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    String tension chart (in case anyone was curious...)

    I switched after decades of 10-46 to .0095-.044 strings. It's a huge change for my old hands and has helped a lot. I'm converting my Strat necks to Gibson scale also. Much less tiring to play a 3 hour gig now. I never thought I would, because I prefer the long scale. But... everything's a...
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    Are P90s "honky" or am I crazy?

    If you ask me that's a very poor demo of "what a P90 sounds like". It sounds great.... but it's an OD, warm, raunchy version of what can be done with a P90 if you just plug and play into say a BF Fender amp. Plug in with no pedals or amp OD and it will be quite a bit cleaner.
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    Are P90s "honky" or am I crazy?

    yes they can be 'honky', middy. The more you turn up , it becomes 'raunchy'. (Now if we could just all have the same definition for those two words! ) I think the hollow body adds to it also lower volumes anyway. I prefer genuine Gibson P90's and they aren't very expensive used. Some of...
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    SOLD Vintage Waverly tuners $100+$8 shipping.

    Can you tell me the screw hole spacing? Also post length... please. Are you saying they are not a set, some have been replaced? or...?
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    Tru-arc bridge tuning stability and some other questions

    Important things (mostly for 'more than mild' tremelo use) are: -Your nut slots need to be so they are not too tight. Otherwise the string may slip through the slot when using the Bigsby but not return when you stop. -Using a bridge that rocks helps to avoid tuning issues as it moves with the...
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    If considering trading, I try to think about what I'm getting and why. -Is this something I want on a whim and dont really need or may not play much? -Is this an oddball that is very hard to resell? Sometimes I find myself wanting things because they seem rare or off the radar. The reality is...
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    Harley Benton new releases, specs i like !

    That Hybrid Natural acoustic electric looks like fun. No stock for 7 weeks or so though.
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    Does It Matter Where It's Made?

    Materials matter. Cheap wood, not properly dried, multi piece construction from blemished wood instead of 2 or 3 pieces of quality wood. Brittle finishes that chip readily and in large chips. Screws with threads that are ugly, lack proper depth of thread etc. All these things matter. Where it...
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    (Belated) Happy NGD: Epi Casino

    Since this was posted in June I picked up a nice Casino Sunburst. I like it more than I thought I would. The neck has some thickness to it , not a thin flat C. Perfect condition from original owner. Needed clean up big time though, this guy must have played while he ate fried chicken! Kinda...
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    “They've proven to be incredibly stable on this tour” – Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus gives us the latest on his new Gretsch Falcons

    Oh, I thought you meant Guns and Roses had been incredibly stable this year. "Nah, that can't be right"...... 🤣
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    Vox clarity AND Princeton lush-ness?

    Yeah, probably is crazy, was meaning the brightness mostly.
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    Vox clarity AND Princeton lush-ness?

    I love the Princeton, but nice and clean is not it's architecture, even when hot rodded for 6L6's. I would think a Deluxe Rev with a bold clean speaker or even moving up to a Vibrolux or go bigger. The AC15 sounds like a SS amp to me, unless pushed hard. The Deluxe has cleaner Princeton...
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    My son and I went to a cemetery today

    It's a symbol, to help you on your way on the other side... for some. For others it just means you visited. For Military; a penny means you visited. A nickel means you and the deceased veteran trained at boot camp together. A dime means you and the deceased veteran served together in some...
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    Rat and rat-like pedals

    I have a Tube Screamer on the board also, they are nothing similar really. But I suppose if you cranked the TS gain way up and put the OCD way down you might get in the ballpark.
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    Gotoh locking tuners how to?

    Yeah, Just tune as normal. The knob behind the peg is just to clamp the string, not to tune.