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  1. jvin248

    Wearing hats on stage ...

    Just like wondering why people who don't own a truck ... wear 'a truckers hat' ...
  2. jvin248

    What is your favorite Gretsch bracing and why?

    . Electric tone will be the pickups, pickup adjustments (high/low/tipped and screw poles adjusted like little EQ monsters), and pots plus caps (where they are on their tolerance ranges which is quite wide). Bracing type won't matter for electric tones, perhaps feedback howl at loud volumes but...
  3. jvin248

    TVJ Ray Butts Frequency Response? Or: How Are the Mids?

    . Before you get out the tools and soldering iron ... try adjusting the screw poles and bass/treble tilt of the pickups you have. Those two rows of screws can give you mid-scoop if you adjust them like EQ knobs. More bass then tip the bass side of the pickup higher. More bass and treble but...
  4. jvin248

    A fun story about a Les Paul

    . Board vs point-to-point wiring doesn't matter, what does are the actual measured values of the pots 'n caps. Pots have a 20% tolerance range and if the circuit board sat at one end of the tolerance while the new parts happen to be at the other end then you found nirvana. Next player finds the...
  5. jvin248

    You Can Make a Cool Guitar From Anything

    . Tim Sway uses hollow core doors for builds. .
  6. jvin248

    Rancher modifications ideas

    . Pictures of the guitar situation would be great to add for more detailed comments. A few years back I purchased an abused and broken PRS. Prior owner had gigged with it for years (big damage), fell on it and cracked the neck at the body, whittled up the edges to 'relic it' for some party...
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    . I didn't really get Relics either until I owned one. Then I understood, completely. It's not about the looks, a relic is about the feel, playability, performance, and freedom. None of those features show up when people oggle guitars online or skim through relic threads. The freedome is you...
  8. jvin248

    What Are Essential Guitars?

    . Tele, wired with a 4-way switch to give series humbucking tones of a Les Paul Junior Strat, wired with an Armstrong Blender to go everywhere between classic SSS and series HSH. Gretsch Jazzmaster PRS "Custom 22" Reverend, several fun models I'm not buying any more Gibsons until they make...
  9. jvin248

    NGD I will never learn

    . Took me a while to bond with Strats ... I had modded the first one I have a thousand different ways until I found these two features: -Armstrong Blender Mod ... Keeps me with a classic SSS Strat (reason for having one in the fleed) yet blends into series HSH, blending is even more useful...
  10. jvin248

    ABY with a toggle?

    . If you have phase issues, one easy solution is to swap the +/- leads on one of the amps' speakers. You want both speakers traveling 'out' together and 'in' together to be in sync. Build your own ABY with or without LEDs... Phil X talks in this video about how he uses an ABY pedal for two...
  11. jvin248

    Well i TRIED life without a tele but…..

    . Esquire Teles are fun too ;) This particular one has a humbucker that is split with a 4-way switch. Strat neck/middle tones (using tone knob), Strat #2 Quack, Tele bridge single coil, Les Paul humbucker tones. I also rotate the control plate on my Teles to put the switch to the rear and...
  12. jvin248

    What is the Great Gretsch Sound to you?

    . Kind of the off-kilter, greasy and sharp tones given in this title sequence imagery Released recording And while no Gretsch can be found here (Strats and hollow body Gibsons), the wavering tones remind me of what a Gretsch can do... (edit: Chris Isaak, 1990s Wicked Game and Baby did a...
  13. jvin248

    Watering down the product?

    . In spite of the old thread, branding is still a problematic marketing issue. Guitar brands are like buying houses. First to buy a house out in the country in the middle of farm land all think it's great to be out there. Then others arrive to build their houses out in the country and suddenly...
  14. jvin248

    Who has a garden going?

    . It's somewhat depressing to see pictures/videos of ten foot tall tassled corn from the Deep South or Tennessee/Kentucky while my corn here in the North is at the local positive metric 'knee high by the 4th' (actually some of the first planted is shoulder height). When posting pictures, add...
  15. jvin248

    Most unique sounding pickups

    . Rummage through the old 60s-Teisco and early 70s-Lawsuit-era guitars! Many of the Lawsuit models had what looked like humbuckers but if you opened them up they were a large single coil more like a P90 stuffed under a humbucker shell so buyers thought they got something extra during the...
  16. jvin248

    Amazon or not!

    . I heard Amazon requires companies listing on Amazon to make sure the price is the lowest with shipping than any other site, including buying direct. Price with free shipping is always Price + shipping rolled into one number. The free shipping if bundling $25+ order is somewhere in there too. .
  17. jvin248

    At home amps

    . The amp I play the most, because it's handy and fast (no fiddling with knobs) is a Line 6 Spider IV 15watt unit that I turned off the 'secret controls' and reprogrammed the presets. I can tune the guitar and play for the ten minutes I might get a day to play. I used to hate these amps until I...
  18. jvin248

    Improve the playability of my Jet?

    . Scale length changes string tension feel, Longer/shorter headstock changes tension feel, More string between bridge saddles and anchor point or tremolo also change tension feel. (The amount of extra string length at the headstock and beyond the saddles also causes differences in 'sustain'...
  19. jvin248

    How high is too high for vintage Dynasonic pickups?

    . Lower pickups generally give better tone, turn up the amp for more loudness. .
  20. jvin248

    "Affordable" birth year guitars.

    . I'm more interested in guitars that were out when I was in high school seeking to get a guitar to play than from a birth year. .
  21. jvin248

    How much wood gets used in the totality of guitar manufactur?

    . It was 2.5M new guitars every year, back five years or more ago. Then came the stay-at-home-programs and guitar consumption took off. It's likely easily north of 3M guitars today. 80% of the global guitars are outfitted with Rosewood/Ebony or near-cousin-species from the same fragile rain...
  22. jvin248

    Any correlation between weight and sound in the G5420?

    . Back in the 1970s all the players, due to magazine articles, thought heavier guitars sounded better. Lately as the 'Boomers got older and couldn't stand against gravity playing those old heavy guitars, the lighter guitars transformed into sounding better. Consumers equate higher 'Quality'...
  23. jvin248

    Gretsch: My Secret Weapon

    . Not a Gretsch ... but a hollow body played regularly on stage with high gain. Ted shows some tricks about how to best play hollow body guitars with gain in this clip .
  24. jvin248


    . Order a second trim ring and sand the bottom off to get the right thickness, then swap. Raise the screw poles on the bridge pickup north bobbin 1/8th inch and raise the pickup slightly for more of a P90 tone (with humbucking protection). Beefier. Raise the screw poles on the neck pickup...
  25. jvin248

    Yin-yang Telecasters

    . Looks great as a pair! Have you ever tried 'the Kirchen mod'? Rotate the control plate for V-T-Switch to the rear. It's my auto-Tele mod with any I get. Often 'regular' Teles look odd to me when I see them ;) .