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  1. Powdog

    Cherry Vibro Champ cabinet

    I’ve been working on a cherrywood fireplace mantle this week. Had some leftover lumber, enough to knock together a new cab for my 70s Vibro Champ.
  2. Powdog

    5E3 Rat Rod build

    Starting a new 5E3 amp build. The chassis is a Hammond AO-35 reverb amp and the box is an old Bob Smicz finger jointed Poplar combo cabinet. I was gonna chuck it but once I peeled off the old Tolex and saw how nice it was I filled all the dings and holes and sanded it down. Just about ready for...
  3. Powdog

    Tube amps: clearing out the shop

    After building tube amplifiers for over 20 years, I’ve amassed a lot of vintage monoblock tube amps. Mostly 50s and 60s organ power amplifiers, PA amps and HI-FI amps. I always thought that when I retired I’d be building rat-rod guitar amps from the boneyard of old iron. No such luck. I’m busier...