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  1. jfassett

    Is this overpriced?

    Saw this 5127 at GC and was wondering what the value is?
  2. jfassett

    Is this overpriced?

    Saw this at GC and was wondering what the value is?
  3. jfassett


    Saw this on craigslist and was wondering if this is a legit Gretsch?
  4. jfassett

    Broadway jade mods

    Did a few mods here...Gfs surf 90 pickups, roller bridge and a Duesenberg les trem that I finally broke down and bought from Thomman, great customer service btw... A somewhat mediocre guitar is now really fun!
  5. jfassett

    Guitar Kits/build

    Love to get some thoughts on build your own/kits and some of the best ones out there. I just finished a Jazzmaster kit from Solo and I'm not that impressed with the quality. I didn't expect much from the electronics, however, the wood quality was not great with this kit and the neck angle is...
  6. jfassett

    Room for one more guitar....suggestions?

    I've been given a free pass to replace one of the two guitars I just sold....what to do, ha! Thinking of an offset, any suggestions other that the jazzmaster?
  7. jfassett

    Hagstrom, anybody own one?

    Bought a Hagstrom Impala and having problems with the H-Expander truss rod adjusting. Anybody have experience with this crazy thing?
  8. jfassett

    I don't get it This was listed at $6,000 and was just reduced to $3,000 What is the value of this?
  9. jfassett

    Couch/guitar photos

    I think with the current situation, it’s time for another round of guitar photos on the couch.....let’s see em!
  10. jfassett

    Wound 3rd

    Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed in the past, however, I would love to hear thoughts on using a wound 3rd? I put a set on both a jet and my 5122 that had some intonation issues when playing chords on and around the 1st fret, the wound 3rd string has eliminated the intonation...
  11. jfassett

    6228 BT65 pickup height

    Any 6228 owners with BT65 Broadtron pickups know the correct/recommend pickup height? From the poles or the base of the pickup would be very helpful and save me a lot of time experimenting and fooling around. Thanks!
  12. jfassett


    Anyone know the model and value of this guy?
  13. jfassett

    Baritone guitar?

    Anyone have any experience with the Gretsch or any other Baritone guitars? I'm intrigued
  14. jfassett

    Gold foil pickups

    anyone here put gold foil pickups in a Gretsch hollow body? Asking for a friend, ha!
  15. jfassett

    What model is this, looks fake
  16. jfassett

    Bridge recommendations Gretsch 5220

    Any suggestions with exact model number would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. jfassett

    GFS pickups

    Has anyone tried GFS P-90 pickups? I put a set in my 5122 and would love to hear some other opinions, Thanks!
  18. jfassett

    Seen this?

    Saw this pic on Facebook this morning, FSR perhaps?
  19. jfassett

    T-Armond/Filtertron combo

    I recently installed a T-Armond in the neck position of a 5445 jet and left the blacktop filtertron in the bridge position, (for now). I was wondering if anyone here has a similar combination, single coil/filtertron set up and what your thoughts are. I was hoping for more of a tele/strat tone...
  20. jfassett

    Randy Bachman...Gretsch collection

    Watched BTO in concert on Axs TV recently and while I've read Randy Bachman has an extremely large collection of Gretsch guitars, (perhaps the largest collection in the world) I couldn't help notice, he didn't play a Gretsch! Seems odd...
  21. jfassett

    5445 Jet GSR Broadway jade, pickup advice

    I'm thinking of single coil pickups for my 5445 Broadway Jet which has blacktop filter trons. Not that I dislike the blacktops, however, I have 3 other Gretsches with Blacktops and would like something a little different. I would love to hear some thoughts on either Dynasonics, DeArmond...
  22. jfassett


    Love to hear thoughts on using humidifiers for all guitars, acoustic, hollow and solid body as well. I live in a very dry climate (Tucson)
  23. jfassett

    Gretsch 5220 owners

    I know there's just a few 5220 owners, however, I wanted to get some feedback on the black top Broad Tron pickups and hear how you feel about them? I was thinking about up grading and wondering if I'm nuts? Thanks in advance for the input!
  24. jfassett

    Gretsch falcon jumbo rancher acoustic

    Anyone here have one of these? I just got a deal on this and couldn't pass it up, however, I'm not sure how I feel about the 12 gauge strings that came on the guitar, action sucks as well. I plan on getting this one set up by a pro but I'm not sure what strings to use. Any suggestions would be...
  25. jfassett

    Gretsch 5220

    Saw this on Facebook this morning...