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    Gretsch quirks left alone.

    Having done a few gigs now with my Fender Tonemaster Blonde Deluxe Reverb, I can say Filtertrons sound great through that amp as they did years ago through my tube DR. As an older guy, I find the light weight is a winner, and it can be attenuated down to home volume levels. If you use different...
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    Must-Try Medium Overdrives

    I use two OCD-Ge pedals. One set to almost no gain as a grainy clean, and I hammer it with the second OCD with more gain, for solos. Works a treat into any amp and really fattens the guitar sound on stage.
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    Space Control bridge. Lovers? Haters?

    Never had any issues with space control bridges, going right back to my '67 Rally, and have one on my Falcon which I gig quite a bit with.
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    Before getting the G2420T

    If it helps, I had a 5622 with a Bigsby and it never stayed in tune very well compared to other Bigsby equipped guitars I have, but here's how I stabilised it. I installed locking Gotoh tuners, replaced the bridge with Stew Mac roller bridge, and worked on the nut with nut files and then...
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    Gone back to a tube amp

    I was hoping that I could go solid state and leave tube amps behind, but it hasn't worked out as expected. I might add that I still use my original Katana 50 for rehearsing or very small gigs, as it's a cheap solution, but I decided to grab a Tonemaster Twin Reverb a couple of years back...
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    Delay vs echo

    Delay is the way. I just use a cheap Joyo digital delay(the one in the full size case) and it does all my rockabilly slap echo duties.
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    6120t-59vs or Setzer Smoke?

    A hard call if you can't actually hold them and try them out- I have tried both, they are top guitars, and also have a 2010 White Falcon DC. I actually like the Setzer Hot Rod as a buddy to the Falcon just to confuse things.
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    Best clean amps

    I have the same amp- great replacement for a tube amp, and not overly complicated to use.
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    No more Tube amps?

    I have a Roland Blues Cube Stage, and after many gigs, I see no need to go back to tube amps after all these years- my Falcon and Tele sound great through this amp...very tweed like. I put an OCD-Ge pedal in front of it for extra grit when needed, a cheap digital delay and that's all I need.
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    So what amp do you run with your Gretsches?

    Right now 5125 - through a Boss Katana 50 clean, through our PA..sounds huge!
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    Kent Armstrong Kentrons?

    Thought I might try these pickups in a project guitar. They have been around for years but practically no reviews I can find. Anyone used them?
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    New Gretsch G5420T bridge question

    Just wondering what model of bridge to order?
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    New Gretsch G5420T bridge question

    Got a current model 5420 with the pinned bridge, and just wondering who has tried a TruArc bridge? If so, any intonation or fitting issues, or all sweet? I'm swinging between the GHS David Gilmour 10.5-50 or the 10-48 set strings., both of which are great.
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    Roland Blues Cube Artist

    I had intended to get the Blues Cube Artist but I had a run through the 100 watt Katana with the twin speakers at the store, and I thought it sounded great just played clean, so I took it home instead. Done a few gigs with it and can't be happier. I'm sure though that I would have been happy...
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    NEW TV Jones Filtertrons: most accurate ever ???

    Mmm... that guitar sounds almost exactly like my current 5420 with the blacktops-maybe I'll defer changing over to the TVJ pups. ;-)
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    Blacktops and TVJs

    Nothing wrong with the blacktops, and I'm not unhappy with them, but I think there's something missing over what I had in the TVJ Classics- hard to describe...maybe more chewy
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    Blacktops and TVJs

    Enjoying my new G5420T with the blacktop pups, very clear sounding, but I listened to a demo I did a while back with my old Setzer Hot Rod (tone post) and TVJ classics and it sounded much fuller and complex? for want of a better description. I'm almost thinking of swapping out the blacktops now...
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    Black Top Filtertrons

    The new Blacktops are great in my 5420- very clunky, clear and woody. Get the pole pieces up as close to the strings as possible. I actually prefer them for clean authentic old 50s sounds over he TVJ Classics in Setzer, though they sound great for more modern versions of rockabilly if you get my...
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    How many overdrives on your pedal board?

    I have a Mesa Toneburst boost for a clean, slightly gritty boost for rock blues tones, and a Fulltone GT500 boost/ distortion for a clean boost for country/ rockabilly. I run each separately, or for a big fat tone I run both boosts together which sounds very overdriven. I can also switch in the...
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    Top Ten Under-Rated Beatles Songs

    Too hard! Maybe I would replace Oh Darlin' with Yer Blues, maybe replace It won't Be Long with And I Love her...maybe too many good songs
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    Vintage 1959 Chet Atkins 6120 Price?

    I would just avoid it
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    Which Amp for specifically the best "Gretsch Sound"???

    I believe that if you play through an amp with your Gretsch, and it doesn't sound like a Gretsch, then you are best to avoid that amp. I've played Gretsch's through tinny little SS amps, through to Twin Reverbs and Marshall stacks, and the results were a tinny thin sounding Gretsch, through to a...
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    Which Amp for specifically the best "Gretsch Sound"???

    I bought a Fender Blues Jnr III for home and rehearsals, use a 99 Hot Rod 6120 with TVJ classics and play mostly rockabilly. When I used the BJr the first time at rehearsals, the drummer stopped and pointed to the amp and said "that's the sound, keep using that amp!" and the rest of the band...
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    Australian Rockabilly - Treble Clefs - Help Needed

    I played in a few rockabilly outfits back in the '80s here in Oz, but can't recall The Treble Clefs on the Melbourne or Sydney scenes. I'll keep an eye out for any info.:)