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    SOLD Gretsch Brian Setzer 6120 SSL....NEW PRICE

    I purchased this guitar from a forum member about a month ago. It was a purely impulsive decision, and I have to admit, while it is a surprisingly versatile guitar, I really have the bases covered with another of my guitars. There is nothing amiss with the guitar, it seems both of us (owners)...
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    For Sale 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop

    I bought this new from Willcutts. I have only played this guitar maybe once a week since I have owned it, and always store it in the case. It is in new condition, and I do not hesitate to use that term. The following are upgrades: Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickups installed, I do not have...
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    How to Upload Photos to the Media Section

    Would someone explain the process to me? Thanks in advance, cycler
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    NGD Gretsch Brian Setzer SSL

    I bought this from John, here ,on the forum (JLD4133). My first Gretsch and have only played once so far. I just got it Wed., waited until Thursday evening to take it out its case. Obviously in the honeymoon phase, but, after I figured out how to use the different knobs/switches, amazed at...
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    Hello from Georgia

    Sparked by an interest in learning how to play rockabilly, I found this forum. I am 72 yrs old, retired, living a quiet life in the Georgia Foothills. Any other "senior citizens" out there?

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