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    SOLD Gretsch Brian Setzer 6120 SSL....NEW PRICE

    I agree, I feel this is a pretty good deal. But I understand that guitars, or any hobby for that matter, has to take a back seat during uncertain times. Hope this guitar finds its way to an owner who will play it and enjoy it.
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    Best home amp for Gretsch 6122 59

    I did not read through the entire thread, but, what kind of music do you primarily play? If you are going for a rootsy, rockabilly, sound, I would try to try out a tweed deluxe, of which there are many different builders so finding a used one should not be a big problem. Another consideration...
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    Best clean amps

    Big fan of he Roland Blues Cube. I have the Stage (65 watts max) model. Cleans all day long, but, best part is the built in attenuator..goes down to .5 watts, which may or may not a feature useful for you, but for house playing very useful.
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    New here

    Hello from Georgia
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    New Noob du Jour

    Hello from Georiga
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    Old Guy Deja Vu

    Hello rom Georgia
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    Red Duo-Jet Fire Bird

    Hello from Georgia
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    My Gretsch G6118T-LIV

    Hello from Georgia
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    New Gretsch lover

    Hello from Georgia
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    Hello from Georgia
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    "Baby Don't Go".......

    So many good versions of this song.
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    Hello from the front range - Longmont, CO

    Hello from Georgia
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    6120t-59vs or Setzer Smoke?

    Which one do you prefer?
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    Brian setzer sound

    That would be my guess, also he keeps his amp(s) set on the very edge of breakup, so working the guitar volume does the trick.
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    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    Herb Ellis and Duke Robillard, Conversations in Swing. Duke Robillard is one of my favorite guitarists.
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    New member hello to all

    Hello from Georgia
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    Beginner guitar player

    Hello from Georgia
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    Best clean amps

    I have a Roland Blues Cube, the stage model. Very nice amp, plenty of clean sounds, and the built in attenuator allows me to dial down to .5 watts. The stage version tops out at 65 watts max. The artist model, 85 watts, I think. Either model would serve you well, especially if you have need...
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    Greetings from Krampus

    Hello from Georgia....shameless plug, I have a Brian Setzer model for sale in the classifides.
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    Greetings from an old man Gretsch player

    Hello from Georgia
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    Amps, how many is too many?

    3 or 4. A tweed, blackface, and a marshall or whatever british flavor you prefer. Possibly a brownface type amp. Suhr Hombre comes to mind. Personally I have a tweed deluxe (Clark), a blackface (Allen Accomlice Jr.) and a Roland Blues Cube (stage-65 watts max), which I play the most, as the...
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    Another new member from Texas

    Hello from Georgia