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  1. BohemianLikeMe

    If I could use 3000euros for guitar...

    ...I would buy another Gretsch.
  2. BohemianLikeMe

    A Couple of Sunburst Gretsches

    Yeah, man, vintage Gretsch sunbursts are way better than a lot of their peers. I wish they’d do more of them for the contemporary lines. That Annie especially is a looker!
  3. BohemianLikeMe

    What are the essential amps?

    Speaking of unique amp sounds, you can get some really cool clean or lightly overdriven sounds out of those shredder or “metal” amps (JCM 800s, Matamps, Laneys) that are totally under appreciated in the non heavy music scene. A friend here had a custom Matamp 100w head and it was absolutely...
  4. BohemianLikeMe

    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    All these Falcon pictures make me wish they made a Silver Falcon with a 24 3/4” scale fret board.
  5. BohemianLikeMe

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    Yeah, I wish the Tri-Fives had better finish options, the Rat Rods too. It'd be nice to have a thinner bodied beater-ish Gretsch that's roughly the same size as my 6120 for dodgy gigs or touring. Plus thinner bodies + sound posts sound different than my trestle braced 6120, so it's nice to have...
  6. BohemianLikeMe

    What are the essential amps?

    For real. Great records have been made with the absolute worst amps of all time. Solid state Voxes. Smokey amps. Peavey Decades. Edit: To expand on this, I think it's better to have an interesting sounding amp than a "good" sounding amp.
  7. BohemianLikeMe

    TVJ Ray Butts Frequency Response? Or: How Are the Mids?

    I’ll know by Friday! 😎🥷
  8. BohemianLikeMe

    What are the essential amps?

    I think much less of brands or models but more in terms of general qualities to the circuit-- tweedy, BF Fenderish, British Invasion (again, I prefer Selmers and Watkins over anything Vox or Marshall produced though I've played fine vintage examples of the latter), Valco/Supro, 40s/50s octals...
  9. BohemianLikeMe

    What are the essential amps?

    I want no Voxes in any room with me, ever.
  10. BohemianLikeMe

    Totally minor but totally serious question-- owners of 6120s with nickel/chrome pickups...

    ...what color are your pickup gaskets? I've got a pair of silver ones floating around here (originally bought for the eventual rat rod project). My wife likes the silver of the Ray Butts + gold pickup rings, I'm partial to silver + silver. Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the jury, what say you...
  11. BohemianLikeMe

    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    Isn't that supposedly the one he used on Appetite for Destruction?
  12. BohemianLikeMe

    For Sale Zvex Octane 3, minty in box with papers and swag!

    I've got my sights on a different piece of gear so it's time to start thinning out the herd of pedals I don't need. I've got a 2008 basically NOS unused Zvex Octane 3 for sale. I bought it originally as a back up for another Ibanez Standard Fuzz, so it never really got used beyond of a handful...
  13. BohemianLikeMe

    What Are Essential Guitars?

    No specific guitar is essential. A guitar is essential if you want to make music ON GUITAR and that is it. That said I am highly partial to Gretsches and Fender offsets. 😎
  14. BohemianLikeMe

    For Sale/Trade EU feeler - 1963 Crocskin Selmer Little Giant - Trade for another small tube combo?

    I'm currently bored with my small amp set up and I'm looking for some change, not through any fault of its own. I've had this little beast for nigh on 8 years now-- done a lot of recording with it and some small gigs, but it's in great shape. Has a few scuffs in the tolex, but has the...
  15. BohemianLikeMe

    Amp recommendations?

    Yeah, how loud are you going to go? Are you gigging with it? A 40 watt Pro Reverb isn't actually much louder than a 22 watt Deluxe Reverb. Just a bit more headroom and sound. And a bit heavier, physically speaking.
  16. BohemianLikeMe

    At home amps

    Yeah, the great thing about small amps is that it's super easy to run a multi-amp setup for dirt+clean tones for example. I had an avant-gardish project for a while where I ran live feedback loops and drones into a 12 watt Traynor Bassmate and then played over top of them through a VHT Special...
  17. BohemianLikeMe

    Are P90s "honky" or am I crazy?

    For a long time I used a Curtis Novak p90 Jazzmaster pickup in my MIJ 66RI and it was absolutely killer. People couldn’t tell it wasn’t a vintage Jazzmaster pickup actually. But then I swapped those Novaks out for Teisco gold foils which are super nasally but are just as awesome- perfect for...
  18. BohemianLikeMe

    TVJ Ray Butts Frequency Response? Or: How Are the Mids?

    So in the end, I ended up buying a set of the Ray Butts in chrome. If I don't dig 'em, I figured I'll put them up for sale here. :D
  19. BohemianLikeMe

    European amp guys, anyone like the late 1950s/early 1960s Dynacord DA series?

    Thanks J.S.C.! What is your impression on the build quality of the DA series? I have a Dutch friend who loves the sound of them, uses them a lot in the studio, but thinks they'll break if I were to use one regularly. And shoot me a PM, I'll let you know when my guy has them finished!
  20. BohemianLikeMe

    European amp guys, anyone like the late 1950s/early 1960s Dynacord DA series?

    He also apparently might be willing to sell an mid-50s Dynacord KV-6, which I'm also intrigued by, if anyone has any info on the KV series as well?
  21. BohemianLikeMe

    At home amps

    Is that a vintage, a kit, or a reissue brownface? Those brownface Princetons are some of my all-time favorite amps to play, I should never have sold the one I had.
  22. BohemianLikeMe

    European amp guys, anyone like the late 1950s/early 1960s Dynacord DA series?

    The guy who's currently rehabbing my beloved Klemt Echolette just let me know that he's also working on a pair of late 1950s/early 60s Dynacord combos that he's going to sell-- a DA15V and a DA16V. Anyone have experience with these? I think a couple of people here had them (maybe @j.s.c ?)-- are...
  23. BohemianLikeMe

    Bright clean sounding amps?

    If you want some real tube sound, don’t be afraid to look for weird brands. A buddy of mine just scored a Titano branded Magnatone for $300.
  24. BohemianLikeMe

    I can’t stand……..

    I always like to add a bit of orange juice to that marinade which caramelizes in the broiler.