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  1. Brunzies Gent

    Acoustic guitar stand, what do u suggest to go with?

    Acoustic guitar stands ralary, at home I have a couple GS454B Hercules Stands that I use to hold my acoustics. When I play out I use a ProLine PLMS5 which holds my 2 acoustics and my 2 hollow body electrics with room to spare. You're right, there are a ton of choices available to you.
  2. Brunzies Gent

    Hello Fellow Gretsch Fans

    I am new to the forum. I have 2 gretschs that are worlds apart. I have a 1963 G6122 Country Gentleman and a 2008 G5120 Electromatic. My Grandfather bought the Gent new in 1963 and passed it down to me. It is my pride and joy. I recently had it service and was informed that it needed a neck...