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  1. chuckedup

    HELP! I screwed up big time...

    :eek: with a bit of time and effort the body should polish up nicely.. whats wrong with the striping? or better what type of paint did you use? post pix.. ............................................laters,chuck :rolleyes:
  2. chuckedup

    Nocturne with a G5120 and a VOX AD50VT. Wow!

    :rolleyes: everything i own sonds wonderful thru my AD30VT.. showed it to two friends, they both are now in the market.. i bet it sounds glorious thru that twelve inch speaker. mines got a ten", gotta upgrade..laters,chuck :eek:
  3. chuckedup

    squier telecaster

    :rolleyes: OK thats the third RollingRock squier i've read about on these forums in the past week. poo!! now i want one.. hehe!! nice get mon!! :p ......................laters,chuck :eek:
  4. chuckedup

    What's a good price for a used 5120

    :rolleyes: i love stories with happy endings... think i'm gonna cry.. hehe!! sorry bout that.. had to!! i luv me some craigslist.. nice get Charlie.. :D ................laters...chuck :eek:
  5. chuckedup

    New here...MADE a big mistake??? Epiphone Dot with B5

    lube the slot with pencil lead/graphite... works like'a charm..laters,chuck
  6. chuckedup

    New here...MADE a big mistake??? Epiphone Dot with B5

    Bear your my new hero man.. god bless.. AB you have made an excellent score. looks like he probably put the B5 where it is to cover the holes from the Stop TP mount. be glad he did, much nicer to look at and if you think about it there wasa solid piece o wood there to mount the tail piece...
  7. chuckedup

    Bonding with a guitar...

    :rolleyes: i use to have a guitar i felt that way about.. no wait that cant be right.. hehe!! :D i feel that way about my divorce papers.. hehe!! OK OK i do have a lil Kay 1890 anda coupla silvertones i'm quite attached to.. .........................laters...chuck :cool:
  8. chuckedup

    The Who vs. The Beatles

    :mad: damn!! i was kinda hope'n this was some sorta death match or some such sum sum... well poo!! my picks not listed. gimme the Cure. hehe!! :rolleyes:
  9. chuckedup

    New here...MADE a big mistake??? Epiphone Dot with B5

    :rolleyes: i think your probably gonna be ok.. if the thing sits flat, doesnt move, holds tune, your golden. i guess the string angle over the bridge could be an issue but a roller bridge would cure that if it tends to wanna break strings. i believe that guitar is semi-hollow, wood block down...
  10. chuckedup

    My new toy

    :) epi's prob my fav guiar maker and p-90s my fav pu so I'm really luvin your new toy!! Really gassin fora 3p emperor but when I have funds whatever i run accross es295, emperor, sheraton, casino whatevers the best deal :D .....................laters....chuck:cool:
  11. chuckedup

    I am about...

    :D Thats great!! Happy B-day and congrats. My kid spotted his from about 60 feet away in the store and just stood there unmoving staring at it. After he finally walked over to it I had to take it down off the wall and hand it to him. hehehe!! So i have an idea how you must feel... Let us know...
  12. chuckedup

    Epiphone Emperor Swingster

    :eek:Im with you here!! To think, you and your tech tried all those different string combos on it. Dressed the frets and set the action. Adjust the pu's just the way you like and the piece of crap still played so poorly. And to think Gibson/Epiphone would have the audacity to produce a...
  13. chuckedup

    5129 info needed

    ;) many thanks thats one down 3 to go. is there a PIO cap that was standard w/the TV Jones pu's? :D many thanks...laters...chuck :D
  14. chuckedup

    5129 info needed

    :eek: Guy's!! the pu's are fine, I/ he love the pu's.. it's the pot's & cap's.. I just wanted to know the pot values to replace them with gibson/CTS pot's and PIO cap's. thats why I asked what the Gretsch pu's are most similar to, I also asked the value of the cap. We/I already replaced the...
  15. chuckedup

    Is that a real Gretsch?

    aaaaahh!!AAAHHHHHH!!!!! WHEW!!! thought it was just me :D:D I get that with sum LesPaul's and most es-models too!!! with my epi's and silvertones all i get it some humming with a bit of mumbeling in the background. hehehehe :eek: if i can misslead you in any way please feel free to...
  16. chuckedup

    5129 info needed

    :eek: Wassup guys? planning on a slight upgrade on my kids electromatic for christmas and need to know...... what the single coils are most similar to? p-90s? slight overwounds, fender? the like.. poss the resistance.... the pot & cap values... also does anyone know where i can find a...
  17. chuckedup

    Fender cham'600 or BlackHeart?

    :eek: "The Everything Home Recording book" is for sale buy it now for 4$'on ebay right now plus 3.99$ s&h 2 books listed:D
  18. chuckedup

    Fender cham'600 or BlackHeart?

    :eek:New Toys for me!! 60s silvertone es 175-ish, the lil Blackhearts w/me, the Champ600s got better headroom so its w/the jazzy kid. axe should be here by 10/03, happy b-day 2 me' happy b-day 2 me!!" :rolleyes: gettin 12au7 preamp tube for the champ, gonna set her up as origonally designed...
  19. 60s silvertone 2 single coils sweet

    60s silvertone 2 single coils sweet

  20. 60s jazz box, silvertone

    60s jazz box, silvertone

  21. no idea? l? "TO THE INTERNET!!"

    no idea? l? "TO THE INTERNET!!"

  22. Sleek n fast, only way you know shes double bound

    Sleek n fast, only way you know shes double bound

  23. chuckedup

    Fender cham'600 or BlackHeart?

    :eek:Thanks guys Im on a mike watch on e-bay now and Ive got new fodder for my reading list. Gotta get thru about 300 pages of Craig Fergusons book Between the bridge and the river first. Its not a book I would suggest to anyone a bit crude for my taste but I quite like the style he writes in...
  24. chuckedup

    This guy really should step away from the bong!

    What was I sayin? Oh yeah!, no wait, nevermind... :eek: I resemble that remark!! hehehehe!!!! laters.....chuck :D
  25. chuckedup

    Fender cham'600 or BlackHeart?

    :eek: Thanks Jeff O, and everybody else. The jazzmasters only just turned 19 and is a freshman in colledge I'll help him out with a nice tube amp when he graduates. Got the champ 600 and the blackheart for about what the blackheart costs new. it'll hav2 do 4 now. tryin to put him togather a...