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  1. getbent

    The Movie Hud is the Gretsch of movies....

    Mr. Hundt! what a great post! I painted recently and thought of you and my respect for you soared even more! Hope you are well! HUD is an amazing movie and very hard to watch.. and the character is Amazing and sparkly and dark and scary and smooth and awesome and rough and Junior Bonner... well...
  2. getbent

    Neil Young did some weird stuff in the 80s ...

    I once waited for my dog at the vets while neil waited for his dog. it was about 1978 in the spring... we talked quietly, he was interesting and nice and a much larger man (over 6') than I expected. I was just a kid (18) then... I saw him on several tours... sometimes he was outstanding...
  3. getbent

    Statistical analysis of music trends (The Economist)

    on the radio, there was great new music on up until about 1978. After that... it has waned considerably. That is how I correctly interpret that graph.
  4. getbent

    Thinking About a Major Reduction in the Herd

    less is more. I've been releasing pieces for about 6 months and have yet to have a moment where I thought OH NO, I NEED... I'm going to be down to a mustang III, an old twin, and a 5f2a (that I built) by summer... all my other 10 amps will be gone (including my tone king.. which has been my...
  5. getbent

    This Year's Super Bowl Rings Unveiled

    as long as seattle doesnt get one, I'm pretty happy! looks like inflated balls don't make much of a difference!
  6. getbent

    5E3 Amp Kit

    I've built a couple of weber kits and they sound fantastic. They are inexpensive and yet... they do everything I need... both are with friends who claim they now sound just like Neil Young.
  7. getbent

    Harmonica keys

  8. getbent

    Hey Guy's! What did Santa Bring Ya?

    I bought a new house. Moved off the ranch into town... the historic town of San Juan Bautista... which was where the Donner party was headed when it started snowing....
  9. getbent

    How did you find " Gretsch-Talk " ?

    It was 4th of July in Prescott in about 1980... a band was playing in a bar near a HUGE pile of guns (you had to check weapons at the door) and this cat was just killing it on a white falcon.... I dreamt of that guitar for years... I was (and am) a mod on the tdpri and when I started hunting...
  10. getbent

    the Grigsby™ guitar is finished!

    that is a great looking guitar... I drooled over the bigsby replicas a few years ago... just really cool.. Paul lived around the corner from my grandma.. she was the neighborhood piano teacher...
  11. getbent

    Kind'of Sad

    fellas, politics and religion... don't belong here. The whole thread is kind of sad. As someone who grew up in a military family (both my father and step father were in II and Korea, cousins in Viet Nam and 3 nephews in various places in the middle east last decade as well as many friends and...
  12. getbent

    Way Huge Aqua Puss

    yep.. take a look.
  13. getbent

    Way Huge Aqua Puss: Best Delay Ever

    nothing worse than a delay in the bathroom! besides more than delay, I think a fan or the helicopter flanger would be more help!
  14. getbent

    A supergroup for the ages?

    the two things this makes me think of was the 'fake' thing that rolling stone mag did and the traveling wilburys.
  15. getbent

    Music stands on stage?

    I don't use one, but I don't care when guys do.
  16. getbent

    Way Huge Aqua Puss

    not a big aquapuss fan. I've had one a couple of years and it never makes it to the gig.. I have finally decided to just do the Vince Gill thing and get two dd3's and be done with the short and long need... I tried a bunch of different pedals and keep coming back to the dd3
  17. getbent

    Spelling words CORRECTLY...

    I'm a good speller and I have a large vocabulary. I totally don't mind when people misspell words and I don't think less of them. When people use punctuation incorrectly, I don't much care. I like to spell words correctly and I do try. I make homonym errors when typing on my phone and...
  18. getbent

    Best Neil Young tunes

    Four Strong Winds (a cover) Southern Man Comes a Time Peace of Mind Love is a Rose Cortez the Killer After the Gold Rush Helpless Cinnamon Girl Cowgirl in the Sand
  19. getbent

    Coffee Connoisseurs in the house?

    Oh, I like starbucks just fine. I find that their pikes place roast is consistent and very good. It is very different from what I brew, but I like it and it is reasonably priced. I get 20 oz for 2.10 which where I live is very inexpensive. I don't drink much 'fancy coffee' but, I know that...
  20. getbent

    Looking for a new amp

    I've always been a tube guy too... until I tried a mustang III. 4 hours setting up all the sounds and levels I liked and wham... I love how it sounds, I love how it works... I love it. for 300.00 you cannot miss.
  21. getbent

    Coffee Connoisseurs in the house?

    I like to grind my beans.. and I prefer a couple of specific beans of origin, I love ethiopian beans roasted by a local roaster... and I get a great breakfast blend from a local company called surf city.... I also like just a few drops of half and half to change the color...
  22. getbent

    People who only ever post here once...

    sometimes I go to forums to get the one piece of advice or info I need... but, I'm not THAT interested overall.. Here, I mostly just read and learn the personalities and enjoy the read.... I'm only active on one board though I moderate a few.
  23. getbent


    you are referring to the Parsons Green mechanism licensed to fender. It is a much heavier and less versatile unit than the Parsons White. As for Page's les paul, I'll bet it was nearly a net zero weight difference between the heavier, denser wood being routed and the mechanicals being fitted.
  24. getbent

    NAD: Fender Vibrolux Reverb

    that is a rippin combo!
  25. getbent


    my main guitar is a pine tele I built, it has a parsons white bender in it. It is fairly light (because I started with a one piece pine body) It is one of those things that just becomes a tool and a flavor and just kind of shows up after awhile... there are several flavors of bender... so...