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  1. AlexO

    NGD - Yes I did.

    I was eyeing this jet up myself since it dropped here in the UK. So happy it's gone to a good home. I think you've saved me a lot of £££ and ear-ache haha. Enjoy!
  2. AlexO

    1st time ever offered in SMOKE ORANGE... the BS-301 Mysterybrain tape echo pedal

    I’ve already got a MB in my dream surf Green finish so don’t need this one but wow! Would love a Fluid Drive in this orange.
  3. AlexO

    Can you special order a Gretsch with out going Customer Shop?

    I think it all comes down to retailers having minimums to meet if they want a one special colourway.
  4. AlexO


    If you got this from PMT... This used be mine...
  5. AlexO

    Best home amp for Gretsch 6122 59

    I’ve a Rift Americana LP which has the low power switch for sale Basically a posh hand wired fender deluxe with reverb, it’s a glorious amp and sounds perfect with a Gretsch. I’m Uk based also
  6. AlexO

    Did the Gretsch Warranty Change?

    I emailed them about 2 months ago regarding my less than a year old FSR 58 Vintage select Penguin. Never even received a reply...
  7. AlexO

    Dark Eyes Exclusive Repro @Peach Guitars

    Not sure if this has already been posted but Peach Guitars in the UK have done a really cool exclusive (Only 6) colab with Gretsch of the Chet Atkins Dark Eyes 6120 guitar. It's a...
  8. AlexO

    NGD again

    Let’s see them both together. Congrats on a cool NGD
  9. AlexO

    For Trade For Trade - Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster 62 NOS - Olympic White 2017

    A very recent acquisition but sadly the slim 62 Jazzmaster neck profile causes severe wrist and hand pain. I’ve suffered with tendonitis for a few years now and I actually thought it had gone as the last few guitars have been ok… but nope this JM isn’t playing ball. From the little I’ve been...
  10. AlexO

    NGD Hot Rod

    Lovely Hot Rod! I'm gassing for one again after letting my Coolant Green one go the other year.
  11. AlexO

    Sneak peak : New Trem System unveiled at NAMM this year

    If this doesn’t stir the guitar market up, nothing will!
  12. AlexO

    NGD Fortus Falcon!

    Beauty! Hows the neck feel? Standard Gretsch U or a bit more substantial?
  13. AlexO

    Are 60s Gretsch (6118) good players guitars in 2021?

    Did you go for it? I think I saw the same guitar on Facebook Marketplace but it’s since been taken down. Orange refin with the black guard?
  14. AlexO

    Brandi Carlile rockin' a Gretsch on SNL

    It looks either vintage or a Stern custom shop one to me. She’s fantastic!
  15. AlexO

    I finally did it!

    That is stunning! Now you've got me looking at HotRods online. Enjoy it!
  16. AlexO


    His band is called The Magpie Salute so I’m sure it’s in homage to that. Lovely looking guitar though
  17. AlexO

    Setzer in Vintage Guitar magazine

    Thanks for posting. Managed to read it from your post… Now I want a black Phoenix after reading that :p
  18. AlexO

    New models!

    Hoping there are some new Vintage Select models still to come
  19. AlexO

    Custom Gretsch spotted in the wild..

    Great band and Scott is a mega player with superb taste in guitars! His rig rundown on YouTube is a great watch!
  20. AlexO

    Rockabilly practice with the kids and my Hot rod

    I follow your band on FB Stu so I’ve seen this before, fantastic! We’ve got a little one on the way and I’m determined to get them playing. I think you know Mike Jones who taught me guitar years ago.
  21. AlexO

    NGD - Gretsch Penguin 58 Vintage Select - Sea Foam Green

    I bought it for $3200 All the vintage select models are nitro
  22. AlexO

    NGD - Gretsch Penguin 58 Vintage Select - Sea Foam Green

    Thanks everyone. Really happy with this guitar! Gretsch even reposted my picture on their instagram and facebook. Been funny reading the comments and also seeing a few famous players comment on it.
  23. AlexO

    NGD - Gretsch Penguin 58 Vintage Select - Sea Foam Green

    I've had this a few weeks now and can confirm it's a rare keeper! I was tagged on Instagram in a Thunder Road guitar post , a great shop in Seattle. As part of their 10 year anniversary they are doing some really cool exclusives and this was the first one. This is number 12/12, it's a vintage...
  24. AlexO

    mmmm Penguin

    I'm also in the UK. Once customs comes into it it (should) work out about the same as the white VS Penguin UK price. Maybe even cheaper with a bit of luck. Tracking says it should be here next week :D
  25. AlexO

    mmmm Penguin

    I managed to grab the last one this morning before they sold out. Got tagged in the Thunder Road Post last night on instagram and managed to sell my Les Paul r8 in quick time to make it happen. Only 12 made for their 10th Anniversary. I've been dreaming about a CS surf green penguin which is...