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  1. 850special

    SOLD Lots of Hosa Right Angle Patch Cables (6", 12", & Stereo Breakout)

    For sale are 14 barely used Hosa right angle patch cables. Roughly $80 brand new. Entire lot for $50 shipped, obo. They are: 2 Hosa STP-201RR TRS to Dual TS (right angle on both ends, 3ft each) 5 Hosa CFS-106 patch cable (right angle on both ends, 6 inches each) 7 Hosa CFS-112 patch cable...
  2. 850special

    SOLD Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply NEON ($170 shipped)

    Like new. Comes with everything in box (manuals, stickers, bag, 8 connectors, 2 Line 6 style connectors, power cord). Limited edition neon pink color. Has extra courtesy plug for expandability.
  3. 850special

    SOLD Carbon Copy Deluxe ($160 shipped)

    Perfect condition. Box, papers, sticker, etc. $160 shipped.
  4. 850special

    SOLD GigRig ABYBABY Amp Switcher ($160 shipped)

    For sale is a nearly perfect condition GigRig ABY-BABY silent amp switcher. Out of stock/unavailable new, but you can read all about it here. The switches are dead silent and feel fantastic, fully isolated, phase inverter, flip/flop mode, buffered and true bypass outputs. Extremely high quality...
  5. 850special

    SOLD TC Electronic Mimiq Stereo Doubler Pedal $85 Shipped

    A like-new TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler pedal. This is the full size, stereo version. As clean as it can be. Just got it, tried it out, and it didn't suit my needs. Letting it go for the exact same price and deal I got. $85 PayPal and shipped.
  6. 850special

    SOLD Schaller Style Strap Locks

    Schaller style strap locks in chrome. With strap buttons and screws. Like new. $15 shipped and Paypalled.
  7. 850special

    SOLD Reverend Squishy Spring for Bigsby $7 shipped

    A like new Reverend squishy spring for Bigsby, with Reverend sticker. $7 PayPal and out the door to your location.
  8. 850special

    SOLD Grover 102-18C 3x3 Chrome Tuners + Ernie Ball 11-46 Pack $50 shipped

    For sale is a set of like-new Grover 102-18C 18:1 chrome tuners with original screws. No packaging, but in perfect condition. Comes with a new pack of Ernie Ball 11-46. $50 shipped PayPal.
  9. 850special

    SOLD Brick’s BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer Chrome v3

    For sale is a like new Biggs Fix tuning stabilizer. V3, which works on B50, B70, and B700 Bigsbys. Check them out here. Purchased brand new from Bricks BiggsFix for $55 plus shipping. Selling for $45 shipped. PayPal friends and family or Apple Cash.
  10. 850special

    Pulling Master Volume Pot out of G2622t

    Does the master volume pot come out of the F hole on a G2622t, or through a cavity under pickups? Looking to do a treble bleed. Not looking to remove any other components.
  11. 850special

    G2622T Treble Bleed or Wiring Harness

    Hi all. I love my G2622T. Have done several mods to make it play and sound great. Love how the pickups sound, but disappointed in the treble roll off when volume is lowered. Has anyone who has done a treble bleed on this model care to give advice? Am I better off replacing the entire wiring...
  12. 850special

    Anyone Snag a G2210/G2215 Junior Jet Club?

    Hi All, Been recently selling off a lot of my pedals and guitars I don't use/need. I am down to a straightforward pedalboard and one electric: a Streamliner G2622T (upgraded tuners, TruArc bridge, bone nut) and absolutely love it. I am really attracted to the new Junior Jet Clubs as simple...
  13. 850special

    Strings Go Sharp After Bigsby Use--Help!

    Hi All, Here's my set up. A G2622T Streamliner. Tru-Arc ES12 bridge in aluminum (love it!), bone nut from local luthier, squishy spring from Reverend, BiggsFix tuning stabilizer, Grover 102-18C tuners (18:1), 11-46 Ernie Ball strings. Nut sauce applied. I just got the Tru Arc to stabilize my...
  14. 850special

    Streamliner G2622T Bridge Recommendations

    I'd like to replace my stock TOM bridge on my 2622T. From what I've seen here, I have three options: 1) Tru-Arc/Compton, 2) Roller, or 3) Better quality TOM style. The stock TOM is a bit jangly, and I get considerably popping from it when using my Bigsby. I have a bone nut, cut correctly, and...
  15. 850special

    Upgrading Pickups and Why

    Hi All, What are you upgrading your stock Streamliner pickups to and why? I have a G2622T and love the bridge pickup. Neck and middle positions are ok with pedals. Poking around for replacements.
  16. 850special

    Drop in Nut Replacement for G2622T?

    Anyone have a perfect fit nut replacement for a G2622T? Im using 11s and would like to see if I can swap the nut out without taking it to my local shop. Obviously want to upgrade stock nut to something better. Any experience with this change? Thanks!
  17. 850special

    Streamliner Bridge & Nut Recommendations

    Ok, let me have it: bridge and nut recommendations for a Streamliner G2622 with Bigsby. I prefer drop ins, but am not opposed to taking it to a shop to have it done. I swapped out my tuners for 18:1 Grovers and am using 11s for strings. Added the lighter Reverend spring but still have a bit of...
  18. 850special

    Direct Fit Grovers?

    Looking for a set of Grover tuners for my G2622T, preferably direct fits (no drilling necessary). The stock tuners aren't quite as stable as I'd like. I got a set of Grovers for my Tele build and am impressed with the quality and stability. Anyone have a source or a link for direct fits to...
  19. 850special

    G2622 Chrome Knobs and Switch Source?

    I have a Streamliner G2622T in Torino Green (made in Indonesia) and want to switch out the gold plastic volume/tone knobs for the classic G chrome ones. I also want to swap out the black pickup selector switch for the chrome. I've seen folks on here do it, but I've been told the chrome knobs...