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  1. Dana Rudd

    The Silver Falcon has taken Flight!

    Congrats on that beauty. Enjoy and HNGD.
  2. Dana Rudd


    Congrats to you and the seller. Enjoy and HNGD.
  3. Dana Rudd

    New Guy

    Hello @Maguchi, welcome to G-T. Nice to have you join us. Very nice looking Gretsch models, enjoy them.
  4. Dana Rudd

    Hello Gretsch Denizens!

    Hello @RobertusMaximus, welcome to G-T. Nice to have you join us. Nice batch of Gretsch guitars.
  5. Dana Rudd

    NAD… sort of

    Glad you like that little jewel. I bought the little Vox, still haven't tried it out. Enjoy and HNLAD.
  6. Dana Rudd

    Confused over new6120 tg

    Welcome to G-T. Nice of you to join us. You get some pretty quick answers from the members here.
  7. Dana Rudd

    How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

    Took me a grand total of 58 years, I now have 10 of them.
  8. Dana Rudd

    I guess I can go without food

    Congrats on your Gretsch amp. Enjoy!
  9. Dana Rudd

    Gretsch again after many years

    Congrats on the Tenny. Enjoy and HNGD.
  10. Dana Rudd

    Hello from RVA

    Welcome to G-T, it's good to have you join us.
  11. Dana Rudd

    Kingfisher gets branded

    Good job on all the applications. The Gibson I had to look twice, they looked so real.
  12. Dana Rudd

    Somebody stop me

    Thanks, they caught my eye real quick. Will save the pics, maybe I can get in a wood working mood. I agree you have a nice legacy of your friend with those.
  13. Dana Rudd

    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    Welcome to G-T Stephan, good to have you join us. Here's another vote for an ABM.
  14. Dana Rudd

    NGD I will never learn

    Congrats @Zeek, nice looking Strat. Hope you'll bond with this one. HNGD.
  15. Dana Rudd

    Guitar stand now my case stand

    Great idea. I'd need 7 here.
  16. Dana Rudd

    Somebody stop me

    Very nice trade you made. That is a beautiful new addition. Great looking Gretsch family portrait. What kind of guitar stands are those?
  17. Dana Rudd

    Which Gretsch should be my next? A used G6135t-ltd Smoke Gray/Violet Penguin or G6636TSL slvr Falcon?

    Welcome to G-T, good to have you join us. I would go Falcon since you the Jets covered already. Your fortunate to be able to try the Falcon first, should help your choice. Enjoy your new Birthday Gretsch.
  18. Dana Rudd

    New member; apologies of I get this wrong

    Welcome to the forum. Great looking Gretsch. When ever I change strings, I rub the nut slots with a graphite pencil. Other people use Nut Sauce, either way it helps the string slide during tuning.
  19. Dana Rudd


    Congrats, have fun in doing the Malcom mods. Will be looking for progress reports.
  20. Dana Rudd

    Another Noob

    Hello @BuProf, welcome to G-T. Glad you came to join us here. Nice guitars.
  21. Dana Rudd

    I've been holding out

    What a beautiful guitar. Congrats on picking up.
  22. Dana Rudd

    Hi! Just ordered my first Gretsch

    Congrats @buffalo that is a beauty. I'm sure you will like it, I have a 2018 model. Enjoy and HNGD.
  23. Dana Rudd

    NGD Custom Shop 54 White Falcon

    Congrats on that beauty. Enjoy and HNGD.
  24. Dana Rudd


    Welcome to G-T, good to have you join us.

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