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  1. Butch Ammon

    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    Aside from road bikes, I also have a Schwinn Alum Comp that my (late) bro-in-late gave me, after he got a Trek Police bike, back in the day. It was a bit small for me, so I raised the seat up as high as I could, and it was doable. Mountain biking is WAY DIFFERENT than road biking! Some of...
  2. Butch Ammon

    58 years ago.... "A Hard Day's Night" was released...

    Randy Bachman (of BTO fame) discovered it over at Abbey Road with Giles Martin (George Martin's son). Check out the YouTube video, and how excited Randy Bachman is! :cool:
  3. Butch Ammon

    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    LOL... Yup, when I brought it in to Conte's here in Richmond, VA the young kids wigged out over it, because my Fuji was older than them! They looked it over and looked it over, studying it, etc... I had to do everything to muffle my laughter! 🤣
  4. Butch Ammon

    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    I have a classic, solid steel, 1985 Fuji Del Rey that I still ride today! 100% pure "old school" 27" gumwall tires, friction shifters on the down tube, toe cage pedals, etc... They don't make 'em like this anymore! :cool: Truth, I brought it into the local bike shop here in town and they guys...
  5. Butch Ammon

    58 years ago.... "A Hard Day's Night" was released...

    George Harrison introduced the world to the electric 12 string Rickenbacker sound. Gretsch fans & Beatles fans, do you remember if he played his Country Gent on "I'll Cry Instead"? Such a great little romp in G to C6 (barre chords) to D7th, etc... You all remember this song... Play along with...
  6. Butch Ammon

    The Good News Is Not That Good.

    I try to play along to backing tracks or make my own with my Tascam digital multitrack recorder. I'm one of those common blues rockers, hard rockers, by nature. Gretsch, Strat, Keyboards, Drums, etc... whatever, I will rock the <expletive> out.... *BUT* When it comes to lyrics, I am...
  7. Butch Ammon

    For all fellow Rush fans, check this out!

    No.... sorry... It wasn't me. I never got the privilege of seeing Rush live in concert! 🥺
  8. Butch Ammon

    For all fellow Rush fans, check this out!

    This was taken from a YouTube clip of various photos in a slideshow format. The concert was from 1978 during a performance of Cygnus X-1. I stopped it and did a Ctrl-PrtSc and saved the image, then cropped it in photoshop. You may not care for Geddy Lee's singing voice, but his musicianship...
  9. Butch Ammon

    Hello from RVA

    Very cool... Regency - pffftttt... I could practically throw a ROCK at Regency from house! LOL... Huguenot Flatwater? Now you're talking! I do so much kayaking on the James both at Huguenot Flatwater and up river at Robious Landing.
  10. Butch Ammon

    String tension chart (in case anyone was curious...)

    I have read a bunch of various posts all over website forums about .009's vs .010's and scale length, string tensions, making adjustments to the claw on a Strat, etc... 9's on a Strat feel just like 10's on a Les Paul, etc... yada yada yada.... I made this chart in Excel in case anyone wants...
  11. Butch Ammon

    Hello from RVA

    Richmond, Virginia?!? o_O Wow... small world!! WELCOME ABOARD!! :cool: I am here in the west end, over near Regency Mall, Parham Rd/Patterson Ave area.
  12. Butch Ammon

    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    Pick a genre and stick with it! :rolleyes: Mystery Train - Elvis White Room - Cream Lookin' Out For #1 - BTO (their jazziest song) LaGrange - ZZ Top Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash Please, Please, Me - Beatles The Trees - Rush Edit: I'm all over the place, when it comes to playing...
  13. Butch Ammon

    For all the Grandpa's out there....

    @TSims1 ..... Oh, believe me, it's incredible! My current Avatar is a photo of me with my 2nd born granddaughter, taken at the USMC Base in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (where my other son-in-law and daughter are stationed). Grandkids are amazing. Along with the powers of Almighty God above...
  14. Butch Ammon

    For all the Grandpa's out there....

    Here's something way Off Topic, but then, it's very special and very heartwarming... This is my 7 month old granddaughter Brienne. This afternoon, I actually had to go to my daughter & son-in-law's house and take care of her, as my son-in-law was at work, and my daughter (a 4th grade teacher -...
  15. Butch Ammon

    Precision Guitar Kits?

    ^^ THIS ^^ I knew a guy (friend of a garage band/drummer) who bought one of those kits (SOLO, SAGA, FRETWIRE, GFS, etc... etc..) and literally went through hell trying to get it in 100% playing condition. - Neck pocket was... micro-millimeters off, but workable. - Bridge mounting holes had to...
  16. Butch Ammon

    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    Small child, like 4 or 5 years old: The Blob (i.e. the old 1958 cheesy horror film with a young Steve McQueen). Elementary school/middle school years: The House on Haunted Hill. High school years: Jaws. After high school: Amityville Horror (which was actually TRUE! well.... haunted, yes, but...
  17. Butch Ammon

    I'm A Pushover For Delay

    For me, there is something about the classic, 70's style, clean tone sound of a Phase 90. Millions of guitarists have used it from the country twang of Waylon Jennings to the blistering lead solos of Eddie Van Halen. And perhaps the most famous use was David Gilmour on DSOM.
  18. Butch Ammon

    PSA - Guitar Center / Sam Ash , Paramus N.J. What's going on ?????

    Same thing here in Richmond, VA.... Broad St (the main primary road through the city & suburbs). GC and Sam Ash literally right next to each other in adjacent parking lots. GC: Still going. 4-5 guys in there, one always behind the counter at all times. Others are scattered around... keys...
  19. Butch Ammon

    Can I put 10-46 strings on my G5420TG-59 without creating any issues?

    I like D'addario 10-46 strings on 5122. No problems at all. No neck issues, no tuning issues, and the Bigsby is a tad easier to use!
  20. Butch Ammon

    Wow... Anyone else mesmerized by Chet Atkins (© 1970) on the Johnny Cash Show?

    Yeah, I'm thinking it's one of his Country Gentleman 6122 guitars (this was back in 1970)... Look close during the video and you'll see his neck pickup when the camera focuses on it. Incredible performance! :cool:
  21. Butch Ammon

    Wow... Anyone else mesmerized by Chet Atkins (© 1970) on the Johnny Cash Show?

    My jaw is still on the floor! What type of Gretsch is this? Stock bar bridge, Chet's own bigsby arm, thumb pick and fingers. Why can't I play like this? :cool:
  22. Butch Ammon

    How Do You Clean The Grill Cloth On An Amp?

    Vacuum it. I use my wife's vacuum cleaner with the small brush attachment. It works, believe it or not!
  23. Butch Ammon

    What's your ideal song time length?

    What, nobody mentioned "Freebird"? :rolleyes: The same ol' same ol' progression: G..... Bb.... C.... Then add in 2 dueling lead guitars while the 3rd plays rhythm. Same ol' same ol' G pentatonic minor guitar licks, over and over and over and over. The Outlaws "Green Grass & High Tides" was...
  24. Butch Ammon

    Help Identifying Guitar - Monkees

    Funny thing about The Monkees from back in the day. Peter Tork (bass/keyboards) was actually a way better guitar player than Mike Nesmith. Mike Nesmith (12 string Gretsch) was a semi decent guitar player, strictly playing chords. All the lead work was done by famous studio guitarists who were...
  25. Butch Ammon

    Must-Try Medium Overdrives

    I have to give a plug to the venerable, classic, everybody has used one, type of OD.... The ubiquitous Ibanez Tube Screamer. You can dial it back to make it subtle where you could play it in church, or you can dial it up, and let it scream with all its might! :cool:

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