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    SOLD TV Jones T-Armonds in Filter-mount pickups for sale in Australia only

    What’s happening? Is the plunge in stock market extending everywhere ??
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    1959 6120 - wow tone! (video)

    Tone...Schmone...nah. he can play!
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    For Sale/Trade G6120-1959LTV 2007 MIJ

    Selling this guitar because it doesn't suit my style. Will trade for something like a 335, a Heritage H535 would be nice. :cool: Includes all the paraphernalia, the ABM 2400 roller bridge made a big difference. Guitar plays well, sustains well and has good resonance. some marks near the input...
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    Pedal order

    Totally agree with your comments and that’s the same pedal line up I use.
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    Arthritis effect on playing different guitars

    Around age 55 I started to get carpal tunnel and that was a bugger fretting as my hands were going crazy, shaking down my hands after a song was good for a while, eventual had the operation, and now arthritis is kicking in. Someone said to me back in my younger days that playing guitar would...
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    Pedal order

    This is a good guide...
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    Discussion Tips for Recording your Gretsch in a Home Studio

    Great thread! Reckon I’ll pickup some great tips on here. 😁 I started out on my home recording adventure maybe 2 years ago only because I haven’t played in bands lately and wanted a way to practice with something better than a metronome. I initially bought BIAB and a Cubase/Steinberg DAW...
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    Not Nothing wrong with that.
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    I don’t believe that!
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    Having been taught from a young age the same, and then attempt Frank Gamble's sweep picking technique, it sure don't come easy. It's very difficult to break old habits, takes a lot of time and practice.
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    Great thread, lots of great feedback, I think I’ve ticked more “Likes” here than any other topic so far. and I agree that the pursuit of speed isn’t as important as one’s feel for the song.
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    Yep, been there too.
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    You make a lot of sense @Synchro I feel so much better now :rolleyes: as I share similar experiences as you’ve described. I would absolutely love it if my right and left hand would play in sync for ever but they don’t. So what I do is use the fretting hand hammer on and pull off technique and...
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    Fretting-hand fatigue--what can you do?

    Reckon that’s what it is, I had my hand done 10 years ago but it never felt 100%. I’ve booked a nerve conduction test next week and that will tell.
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    Fretting-hand fatigue--what can you do?

    I have a problem with my fretting hand too but I think it's carpal tunnel syndrome. I can't play for too long without getting pins and needles. Have to stop and shake it out. Really annoying.
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    Brian Setzer interview in Guitar World

    Interesting interview, thanks for sharing.
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    Time to downsize...

    Actually never been in that situation because up until my late 50's I only ever owned one guitar and amp because I couldn't justify owning more than one. I swear I dunno what came over me but now I have a collection of ten guitars and three amps! I considered downsizing not long ago but I...
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    Time to downsize...

    I bet that guitar is now sitting on another wall.
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    NGD for Twidget!

    Nice one @Twidget, reckon that'd kick some a-s! P-90's rock. Enjoy!
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    How hard is it to slim down a neck profile??

    I would buy a new neck. It's too easy too stuff it up and then you'll have to buy a new one anyway.
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    Guitar Things You Bought but Never Used

    Not me, but my wife does that and I can’t for the life of me figure it out!
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    No matter what Gretsch you have...

    Sorry, I don’t share your enthusiasm for more guitars. I’m happy with my 2 Gretsches, three strats and several others for now, I looka ma no toucha :)
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    First Amp I built

    errrr....Maybe. :rolleyes: parts are few and far where I live and not cheap. You have some very cool looking amps there, your vinyl and badges look very professional.:cool:
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    Preamps. I'm skeptical or explain to me what I don't understand.

    Yes. If you have lots of pedals, cheap or long leads, some frequencies will be attenuated due to capacitance in cables, especially cheap ones. An external pre-amp has a low output impedance (a bit like a D.I) so the small amount of capacitance present won't affect the signal nearly as much.